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EasyConn is available now!
29 May 2023
Emma Eynon
The very first universal Fantom connector for SkySpark.
Fantom Factory at the BCIA 2023 awards!
04 May 2023
Emma Eynon
Finalists for Contribution to Industry Training.
Silver sponsors for Haystack Connect 2023
24 Apr 2023
Emma Eynon
Come along visit Fantom Factory!
Our upgraded website Ts&Cs
21 Apr 2023
Emma Eynon
Public notice of our website cookie and privacy policy updates.
Coming soon - EasyConn!
19 Apr 2023
Emma Eynon
The very first universal Fantom connector for SkySpark.
We champion Project Haystack!?
03 Apr 2023
Emma Eynon
The open source standard for data tagging and digital twins.
Our eLearning is saving the world!
01 Apr 2023
Emma Eynon
Help us to build a great green wall of trees with TREE AID.
Fantom Factory is Cyber Certified
31 Mar 2023
Emma Eynon
Cyber Essentials is officially recognised by the UK Government.
Corporate Livewire 2023 awards!
27 Mar 2023
Emma Eynon
We won Technology Training Consultants of the Year (again).
Space Academy 2023
15 Mar 2023
Emma Eynon
Helping to inspire the next generation with STEM.
Starting out with SkySpark
14 Mar 2023
Emma Eynon
A new community introduction video - with Chuck!
Finalists at the BCIA 2023 awards!
01 Mar 2023
Emma Eynon
An outstanding contribution to industry training.
Our new TREE AID donation total!
03 Feb 2023
Emma Eynon
Planting the seeds of knowledge - and trees - around the world!
New story for Destination Mars!
25 Jan 2023
Emma Eynon
Join the exciting new adventure at the Alpha Colony!
How To := Axon + Git
10 Jan 2023
Steve Eynon
How to version control your Axon source code (with Git)
STEM Futures
06 Jan 2023
Emma Eynon
Adult retraining for a digital world.
Haystack Essentials is out now!
06 Jan 2023
Emma Eynon
Official training for Project Haystack 4.0+
Introducing Haystack
06 Jan 2023
Emma Eynon
Try the first training module of Haystack Essentials for free!
Fantom Factory - A Christmas Special
14 Dec 2022
Emma Eynon
Enjoy our free gift - of laughter!
Protect your SkySpark rules with Axon Encryptor
05 Dec 2022
Emma Eynon
Distribute your Axon code with confidence!
Destination Mars!
01 Dec 2022
Emma Eynon
Learn about Mars Exploration - all for FREE!
Celebrate the holiday season with a gift from us!
24 Nov 2022
Emma Eynon
57% off our Haystack Essentials eLearning
Fantom Factory Team 2022
18 Nov 2022
Emma Eynon
Our Annual General Meeting in Bristol this year
Stationers' Company Innovation Excellence Awards 2022
31 Oct 2022
Emma Eynon
Proud to be shortlisted as Best Customer Experience finalists!
Arcadia Rule Functions are now easily accessible!
03 Oct 2022
Emma Eynon
Free Axon functions for our Arcadia training data.
Our eLearning students are planting even more trees!
01 Oct 2022
Emma Eynon
Helping make a real difference for the future.
ISTC Merit Award Winners for creative eLearning
27 Sep 2022
Emma Eynon
Awarded by the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators.
Silver Award (ERS) event night
22 Sep 2022
Emma Eynon
UK Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS)
Fantom Factory presents at Haystack Connect 2022
13 Sep 2022
Emma Eynon
The official providers of Project Haystack training.
EntroCIM Analyst is out now!
14 Aug 2022
Emma Eynon
The first data analytics course for EntroCIM by Fantom Factory.
Storytelling!? In commercial education?
07 Aug 2022
Emma Eynon
Why leading educators are realising the benefits.
Silver Award status as service veteran employer
31 Jul 2022
Emma Eynon
UK Defence Employer Recognition Scheme 2022
Introducing the Pelican Cloud Extension - for SkySpark
23 Jul 2022
Emma Eynon
Sync your Pelican wireless devices effortlessly!
What is Haxall?
22 Jul 2022
Steve Eynon
And what can you do with it?
It's all about communication!
12 Jul 2022
Emma Eynon
We're members of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators.
We joined the UKGBC!
06 Jul 2022
Emma Eynon
Proud new members of the UK Green Building Council.
We won 2 Welsh Veteran Awards
30 Jun 2022
Emma Eynon
Founder, Emma Eynon, is a British Army veteran!
Showcasing our SkySpark services
23 Jun 2022
Emma Eynon
Supporting the global community
Have you experienced Next-Gen eLearning yet?
20 Jun 2022
Emma Eynon
Why our digital platform is winning awards.
Our amazing Arcadia Toolkit
16 Jun 2022
Emma Eynon
Bonus eLearning to support your training
Innovation Excellence Awards Finalist for Customer Experience!
10 Jun 2022
Emma Eynon
Shortlisted by the historic Stationers' Company, London
We've upgraded our SkySpark Analyst eLearning course
08 Jun 2022
Emma Eynon
Now designed for SkySpark version 3.1.4.