What we've been up to

We've upgraded our SkySpark Analyst eLearning course
08 Jun 2022
Emma Eynon
Now designed for SkySpark version 3.1.4.
Haystack Essentials is out now!
26 May 2022
Emma Eynon
Official training for Project Haystack
Introducing Haystack
25 May 2022
Emma Eynon
Free elearning for Project Haystack
Our MongoDB software for Fantom
04 May 2022
Emma Eynon
Because sharing is caring!
Have you experienced our Next-Gen eLearning yet?
27 Apr 2022
Emma Eynon
Why you should choose our custom built training platform.
Be PROUD of your achievements!
14 Apr 2022
Emma Eynon
Download and share your certificates with the world!
SkySpark Core Training
01 Mar 2022
Emma Eynon
Onboard new starters with our complete training package.
Fantom Factory eLearning OR SkySpark Essentials?
24 Feb 2022
Emma Eynon
What exactly IS the difference!?
What makes good or bad training?
14 Feb 2022
Emma Eynon
Our top tips on how to make your training fantastic!
SkySpark Viewbuilder - New eLearning release!
11 Feb 2022
Emma Eynon
Learn how to create your own SkySpark dashboards and custom displays.
A BIG thankyou to our students
03 Jan 2022
Emma Eynon
How we contributed to 2021.
Watt's Up!?
01 Jan 2022
Emma Eynon
Try our mini SkySpark challenge.
Corporate Training Packages
20 Dec 2021
Emma Eynon
An extra helping hand with training.
Worried about the Java Log4j vulnerability?
14 Dec 2021
Emma Eynon
Don't worry! We use Fantom - not Java!
Proud sponsors of SkyPosium 2021
13 Oct 2021
Emma Eynon
What are we offering this year?
The story of the Alpha Colony
27 Sep 2021
Emma Eynon
Our exciting free comic book online!
SkySpark's new v3.1 release - what's new?
20 Sep 2021
Steve Eynon
How the new SkySpark release may affect your software extensions.
NEW Axon eLearning for Haxall
24 Aug 2021
Emma Eynon
Training designed to suit anyone in the Axon community!
Introducing Haxall
18 Aug 2021
Emma Eynon
Use our free installer tool!
SkySpark Analyst v3 - so what's new?
12 Jul 2021
Emma Eynon
Our new course is bigger and better than ever!