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Analyse data in SkySpark

Understand how to use the main SkySpark applications to find and analyse real data.

Learn about the purpose of SkySpark and its technology stack, information vs intelligence, SkySpark Rules, KPIs and Sparks, the Historian, KPI, Spark, and Energy applications for analysing faults and reviewing resource consumption.

We teach the "Why" not just the "How", using our own hosted SkySpark to work through 100 interactive exercises.

Pure Axon for Programmers

Gain a deep understanding of the Axon programming language.

Learn about the Code app, function syntax and the dot operator, reading and writing Folio and History data, Filter Expressions and De-Referencing, Lambda Functions and Folding Functions, error handling and Axon Components.

This is Axon in its pure form, using 200 real interactive Axon coding exercises.

Data integration with SkySpark

Understand the concepts of data commissioning in SkySpark.

Learn how to use Haystack Tagging, Site Builder, the Folio Database, Filter Expressions, Connectors, and Rules.

We take you through the journey of creating a new site with equips, binding points, importing data, and viewing Sparks.

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SkySpark Analyst2 week extension $25USD
Axon Programmer2 week extension $50USD

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