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We help complete beginners learn and understand SkySpark software with interactive self-paced eLearning

SkySpark Analyst v2.0
$395 USD

Icon for SkySpark Analyst course
Use our SkySpark software in a browser and work through interactive exercises in this digital training course. Learn how to use the main SkySpark applications to find and analyse real data. Ideal for joiners, or new SkySpark customers.
Digital eLearning
Course length
approx 1-2 days
Content access
30 days
Designed for
SkySpark v3.0.25
Self-paced learning, focusing on the user-oriented apps (Spark, Energy, Historian, KPI), makes this a perfect start for anyone.

Axon Core 2.0
$695 USD

Icon for Axon Core course
Gain a deep understanding of the Axon programming language. Programmers learn how to use Axon in it's pure form, from the ground up without application to SkySpark, and to a high coding standard.
Digital eLearning
Course length
approx 3-4 days
Content access
45 days
Designed for
SkySpark v3.0.25
Great for new SkySpark developers before (or even during) SkySpark Essentials training.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What exactly am I purchasing?

A: You are purchasing a Course Access Code, which grants access for one person to one of our eLearning courses.

Q: Can I use a credit card to pay for a course?

A: Yes, our payment gateway provider accepts all major credit and debit bank cards.

Q: How do I use a Course Access Code?

A: Once you create a free learning account on our training website, use your Course Access Code to gain access to your chosen course!

Q: Can I buy a course for someone else, like someone in my team?

A: Certainly, we sell access codes for our courses so that you can buy multiple "seats" and distribute them to your colleagues.

Q: Is there an expiry date for your course codes?

A: Our codes expire when they are redeemed, or if they have been unused for 3 months. Simply contact us if you need any assistance. Once a course is activated, the student has a limited time to complete the training, which is communicated in the instructions.

Q: Will there be any offerings for groups or corporate entities?

A: We have many future plans for our eLearning platform, especially for groups. Contact us if you would like to share any ideas.

Q: How does this fit in with SkySpark Essentials or Advanced classroom training?

A: Our SkySpark training is designed to educate NEW users in their specific roles. We help you to get started as a data scientist or a new Axon programmer before you tackle the SkyFoundry courses and develop further.

Q: What is eLearning compared to online training?

A: eLearning is self-contained training delivered from a digital platform. This is often confused with other distance learning terminology, such as online training which can be classroom training or presentations delivered over the internet.

Q: How do I become a reseller?

Send us a message and we’ll arrange a prompt meeting online to discuss our reselling options.

Q: What should I do if I have more questions?

A: Just send us an email, we will always reply and we would be very glad to help!

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