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Designed for programmers to gain a robust and practical knowledge of the Axon programming language, from the ground up. An in-depth look at using Axon in it’s pure form, to learn how to use this language to a high coding standard.

Great for new SkySpark developers before (or even during) SkySpark Essentials training.

Course length
approx 16-24 hours
Content access
30 days
Designed for
SkySpark v3.0.24

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Course description

Axon Core will teach you the basic skills of using Axon as a pure scripting language. You will practise your Axon and write real functions with our bespoke Axon console. As you progress through the course, you will need to pass module checkpoints, to ensure that key learning points, from our bespoke syllabus, have been understood before continuing further.

The final course assessment is based on a practical demonstration of competency in the course objectives, using real Axon code.

Certification is awarded for successfully passing the final course assessment, based on competency in the course objectives, listed below.

Course objectives

Demonstrate the ability to:

  • Use core syntax, units, and operations, including Dicts and Lists
  • Use top level functions, default arguments, and the dot operator
  • Use variables and if statements
  • Read from Folio with (custom) filter expressions and de-referencing
  • Use, parse, and format DateTime literals and time zones
  • Read and write data to the Folio history database
  • Manipulate Grids, Lists, and Dicts with lambdas
  • Commit /write to the general Folio database
  • Handle errors

Demonstrate the knowledge and awareness of:

  • The relationship between SkySpark, Haystack, Fantom, and Axon
  • Basic error troubleshooting
  • How to read and write data with external sources
  • How and when to use Components

Course content

  • 11 Modules
  • 53 Topics
  • 108 Practical exercises
  • 60 Checkpoint questions
  • 12 Assessment questions
  • 1 Demo video
  • 8 Achievements
  • 1 Certificate

Course Requirements

A general knowledge of programming is advised to be able to complete this course. No prior knowledge of SkySpark or Axon is required, however it is beneficial to have access to an installation of SkySpark to be able to look up further documentation. A login for the documentation on the SkyFoundry website would also be very useful.


Short video clips to highlight our eLearning course features.

All your Axon answers are unit tested, meaning you can't cheat!

Compare your correct answer to our model answer - maybe there's a better way?

What exactly am I buying?

You are purchasing a unique Course Access Code which grants digital access for one individual on one eLearning course. Your Code is emailed to you immediately upon purchase.

You may purchase multiple codes and distribute them to others.

To use your Course Access Code, you will need to create an individual learning account on our training website. Don't worry, detailed instructions are provided upon purchase.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who would like a good understanding of the Axon Programming Language, without application to SkySpark. New SkySpark programmers benefit from a raised base level of Axon knowledge, before using it during SkySpark training. This is also great for experienced developers who would like to have a deeper understanding of this scripting language.

How does this compare to SkySpark Essentials training?

Our courses are intended as supplementary learning to existing SkyFoundry SkySpark training. We help new SkySpark users to gain a basic level of knowledge, recommended as preparation for SkyFoundry's SkySpark Essentials.

For new SkySpark developers and programmers, the following learning progression (with Fantom Factory eLearning followed then SkyFoundry training) is recommended:

SkyFoundry Product Demonstration, Fantom Factory SkySpark Analyst, Fantom Factory Axon Core, SkyFoundry SkySpark Essentials, SkyFoundry Advanced Axon

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