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Our eLearning Time Capsules

Published on 05 Jan 2021 by Emma Eynon

Our eLearning Time Capsules

We all start with good intentions! We plan to work out more often, spend more time with the kids, and to invest in more training and development time at work.

It never quite works out the way we imagine though - does it!?

busy office

Our digital eLearning courses are designed so that you can log in and work through training, at convenient times and even locations for you.

Despite this, we appreciate that things can get a little crazy at work sometimes, and training can be left by the wayside. Before you know it, 5 weeks go by, and you realise you only have a few days left to do the course!

Now you can avoid stress and "turn back time" with our new eLearning Time Capsules.

Each Time Capsule is actually a digital code, which will extend access for your redeemed eLearning course. Simply redeem your extension access code in the Dashboard area, and it will add the extra time on to your course expiry.

(Yes, exactly like our course codes!)

If your eLearning course is active

The extension time will just add on to the existing expiry date.

If your eLearning course already expired

No problem! The time capsule code will reopen access to your course and your extra time will start from that point.

How do I buy a Time Capsule?

Each eLearning course will have a corresponding time capsule, available in our online shop.

>> Fantom Factory Shop <<

Upon purchase, you will immediately receive an automated email with your Time Capsule details (digital access code).

If you'd like to know more, get in touch - we're very friendly!

Please note

Time Capsules will not work on trial versions, or completed courses.

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