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SkySpark® Developer Tools

Upgrade your in-house SkySpark development capabilities with our advanced software extensions and tools.

Free resources

Download our free Axon utilities.

Commercial developer tools

Axon Encryptor

Axon Encryptor

Encrypts and obfuscates Axon source code to proect your software IP.

Easy Conn

Easy Conn

A framework for easily creating your own custom SkySpark Connectors from Axon functions.

Pod Builder

Pod Builder

Create custom SkySpark extensions from your Axon functions, views, and apps.

Folio File Sync

Folio File Sync

Version control Axon functions and Folio records, with GIT and SCM tools.

HTTP Client

HTTP Client

Powerful Axon functions for making HTTP requests to REST APIs.

Software excellence

Our software is always highly optimised - so what does this mean?

Code Quality
We keep our software code minimal and highly efficient.
Software Design
Our software is carefully crafted with a clear purpose.
Through experience we anticipate possible issues for smooth error handling.
We believe in a strong testing culture, unit testing everything as we go.
All of our software code can be developed on further for added features.
User Experience
Our software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.
We provide thorough and clear documentation - sometimes even videos!

SkySpark® connectors

Our publicly available connectors

Kaiterra Connector

Kaiterra Connector

An optimised SkySpark Connector for Kaiterra Cloud, Laser Egg, and Sensedge devices.

Pelican Connector

Pelican Connector

An optimised SkySpark Connector for Pelican Wireless.

Belimo Cloud Connector

Belimo Cloud - for SkySpark

Seemlessly connect your Belimo Cloud data to SkySpark.

Belimo Cloud Connector for FIN

Belimo Cloud - for FIN

Seemlessly connect your Belimo Cloud data to FIN.

Bespoke SkySpark® software

Do you need to create a bespoke software connector or extension for SkySpark?

Our advanced SkySpark development expertise makes the whole process easy.

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Fantom Factory supportsStackHub

The secure community website for SkySpark software and licensing.

Software Developer Bundles

Our bundles offer even more value for money

Senior Developer Bundle

All of our premium tools under one convenient annual licence.

Pod BuilderFolio File SyncHTTP Client
Easy ConnAxon Encryptor

Junior Developer Bundle

Just the essentials.

Pod BuilderFolio File SyncHTTP Client

Our developer tools go hand in hand with our SkySpark, Axon, and Project Haystack eLearning courses - empowering you to do more with SkySpark.

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