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Gain a real understanding of using SkySpark, Axon, and Project Haystack.

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Our SkyFoundry certified trainer learned SkySpark from Fantom Factory training!
- Alper √úzmezler, BASSG

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Fantom Factory is a Training Provider of excellence.

Fantom Factory is a Dual Provider of Training Excellence and CPD AccreditatioFantom Factory is a Dual Provider of Training Excellence and CPD Accreditatio

Fully assessed and accredited by the Professional Development Consortium.

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Custom made eLearning

Let us build your very own branded eLearning platform and tailored courseware.

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Fantom Factory are Ambassadors for the Mars Society

Mars Tech

We are proud to be official ambassadors for the Mars Society, providing education and skills in STEM learning - for our future.

Need some software help?

Our software services help clients with SkySpark connectors, Fantom extensions, and Axon rules.

We can help your business meet software project deliverables.

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Custom Fantom software developed by Fantom Factory
We've upgraded our SkySpark Analyst eLearning course
08 Jun 2022
Emma Eynon
Now designed for SkySpark version 3.1.4.
Haystack Essentials is out now!
26 May 2022
Emma Eynon
Official training for Project Haystack
Introducing Haystack
25 May 2022
Emma Eynon
Free elearning for Project Haystack
Our MongoDB software for Fantom
04 May 2022
Emma Eynon
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Have you experienced our Next-Gen eLearning yet?
27 Apr 2022
Emma Eynon
Why you should choose our custom built training platform.
Be PROUD of your achievements!
14 Apr 2022
Emma Eynon
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