Here to help you with SkySpark, Axon, & Fantom

Online trainingIllustration of SkySpark and Axon being taught by Fantom Factory's online eLearning

Our digital eLearning coursesare available on-demandsaving you time and money
You'll find we're very different to the industry standard. Our unique digital eLearning offers fantastic benefits.

Software developmentIllustration of custom Fantom software being developed by Fantom Factory

We help you solve your challengeswith SkySpark, Axon, and Fantom
Unrivalled expertise in the Fantom programming language. So much so, we named our company after it.

SkySpark is a data analytics software platform, produced by SkyFoundry
* SkySpark is written in Fantom and Axon
Screenshot of SkySpark

Small, honest, independent, & funand that's just Steve and Emma!

We have strong company values with afocus on doing what's right for youand what's right for the environment

We are committed to helping the planet as official partners of TREE AID

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