Here to help you with SkySpark, Axon, & Fantom

Online SkySpark training

Our digital eLearning coursesare fully interactive and accessible any time.
We help new starters begin their journey with SkySpark. No licences or software installation required.

Software development

We help you solve your challengeswith SkySpark, Axon, and Fantom.
Custom Fantom software developed by Fantom Factory
Unrivalled expertise in the Fantom programming language. So much so, we named our company after it.

What is SkySpark?

SkySpark is a data analytics software platform, produced by SkyFoundry
* SkySpark is written in Fantom and Axon
Screenshot of SkySpark

Small, honest, independent, & funand that's just Steve and Emma!

As the founders, we support strong company valuesto achieve what's right for you AND the environment.

We are committed to helping the planet as official partners of TREE AID

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