Would you like to learn SkySpark in just a few hours, from anywhere in the world?

Let’s face it, travelling to classroom training can be inconvenient and expensive.

Now, for the first time, you can become certified in SkySpark technology online from the comfort of your own desk!

A short video introduction to our bespoke E-Learning system.

You could become certified in SkySpark and Axon today!

Join us at the Alpha Colony on Mars to begin your training…

Create your learning account and automatically enrol on our free Induction Training Course to get started.

SkySpark & Project Haystack

We specialise in SkySpark and Project Haystack technology. Our online training courses are designed for people in different job roles needing to use SkySpark.

Fantom Factory has lots of fantastic free and commercial SkySpark, Axon and Fantom software packages available, to make your life easier!

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