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Environmental technologies cover a wide range of computerised systems which monitor and use DATA in the world of "Smart Buildings".

Powerful data analytics and automated equipment optimise how energy and resources are used to provide safe and comfortable living spaces. (Think about heating, cooling, and cleaning the air of apartment blocks, shopping centres, and high-rise buildings!)

As a small (award winning) business with BIG green values, we help people around the world achieve their energy saving goals - with high quality software and industry leading eLearning.

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Mission: Certified Training

[ Location: Mars ]

Experience a whole new world of enjoyable eLearning on our award winning digital platform.

Our training makes it easy for you, or perhaps your whole team, to effectively learn a new technology right away.

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Fantom Factory provides Certified Training

Mission: Software Collaboration

[ Location: Earth ]

More companies are turning to us as additional resource for their development teams.

We help out when you need expert advice or an extra pair of experienced hands on your software project.

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Fantom Factory provides Software Collaboration
Fantom Factory has been shortlisted for the Stationers Innovation Excellence Awards 2022 :: Best Custom ExperienceFantom Factory is a Digital City 2021 Finalist :: Best Use of Technology in EducationEmma Eynon won the Welsh Veterans Leavers to Leaders Award 2022Fantom Factory was awarded a Merit in the ISTC UK Technical Communication Awards 2022 for 'Helping the world to understand Project Haystack'
The Institution of Engineering and TechnologyFantom Factory is a Corporate Parter of the Tree Aid CharityFantom Factory is a Business Affiliate to the Institute of Scientific and Technical CommunicatorsFantom Factory is a Dual Provider of Training Excellence and CPD AccreditationFantom Factory is a Member of the UK Green Building Council
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Ensure advanced technology is accessible and understood by those who aspire to save our planet(s)

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