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Mission: Certified Training

[ Location: Mars ]

Experience a whole new world of enjoyable eLearning on our award winning digital platform.

Our training makes it easy for you, or perhaps your whole team, to effectively learn a new technology right away.

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Fantom Factory provides Certified Training

Mission: Software Collaboration

[ Location: Earth ]

More companies are turning to us as additional resource for their development teams.

We help out when you need expert advice or an extra pair of experienced hands on your software project.

Our software services

Fantom Factory provides Software Collaboration
Planet Mars

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Ensure advanced technology is accessible and understood by those who aspire to save our planet(s)

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Fantom Factory news

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14 Aug 2022
Emma Eynon
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07 Aug 2022
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Silver Award status as service veteran employer
31 Jul 2022
Emma Eynon
UK Defence Employer Recognition Scheme 2022
Introducing the Pelican Cloud Extension - for SkySpark
23 Jul 2022
Emma Eynon
Sync your Pelican wireless devices effortlessly!
What is Haxall?
22 Jul 2022
Steve Eynon
And what can you do with it?
It's all about communication!
12 Jul 2022
Emma Eynon
We're members of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators.

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