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When it comes to saving the planet, Fantom Factory means business!

That is, we help businesses to reach their environmental and "net zero" goals through green technology assistance.

With our IT and software expertise, we are committed to making “green tech” more accessible for those working in the built environment.

In addition to helping others, Fantom Factory is a small UK business also on a journey to contribute positively to climate change.

Helping transform the built environment

It can require large quantities of energy and resources to operate a building, contributing to an environmental footprint.

Equipment systems (i.e. for comfortability, lighting, and air quality) have now become digital. This affords a more granular level of adjustments and automation to help improve their efficiency of use.


To understand more about how to use these systems more "efficiently", we need to measure and analyse their use - with data analytics.

SkySpark® is an industry leading data platform designed for the built environment. It tracks behaviours and helps identify ways to optimise building equipment operations and energy use.

Fantom Factory is committed to making this data more accessible and understood, for global organisations of all shapes and sizes. Our digital expertise transforms and improves how people can consume their building data and make it more meaningful.

In this way, we enable better planning, implementation, and operation, of equipment use - vastly reducing resource and energy waste in buildings.

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Our journey to net zero

We appreciate our beautiful planet very much. Fantom Factory HQ is nestled in a rural area on the side of a mountain in Wales no less!

It is especially important to us that we also do as much as we can to reduce our carbon footprint in the race to carbon net zero.

Helping to save the world starts at home. We are active members of our local community and support local business events wherever possible, to promote awareness of achieving sustainability through technology.

Photo of Craig Carrig, a mountain next door to us

Craig Cerrig, Brecon Beacons, Wales

How we play our part:

  • To capitalise on the digital nature of our small business, we have adopted remote working and flexible hours for our team as standard.
  • We prefer to select eco-friendly suppliers and partners to work with.
  • We use a green energy supplierEcotricityfor our property.
  • We do our utmost to keep everything digital and minimise printing.
  • We promote environmental and sustainability values to our network.
Our best contribution towards carbon net zero is in how we help many larger organisations to understand and become more efficient in their energy use.
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Emma Eynon
Fantom Factory, CEO
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Members of the UK GBC

UK Green Building Council - Member

We are naturally aligned with the mission of the UK Green Building Council, and as members, we actively promote and support their efforts.

At UKGBC, our mission is to radically improve the sustainability of the built environment by uniting the UK building industry in transforming the way it is planned, designed, constructed, operated and repurposed.

We are working towards a built environment that enables people and the planet to thrive, using sustainability as a catalyst to drive the transformational shift in the way the built environment works that is needed to meet industry ambition and targets.

UK GBC Mission

Supporters of TREE AID

Tree Aid is a UK charity tackling climate change through tree planting and education on land preservation.

We particularly support their project to create a Great Green Wall across the Sahel region of Africa, benefiting the entire planet.

We work with people in the drylands of Africa.

Led by local people, our approach focuses on four key areas, working to tackle poverty and the effects of the climate crisis by growing trees, improving incomes, and restoring and protecting land.

TREE AID statement
TREE AID UK Charity - Corporate Parter

Since 2020 Fantom Factory has donated approximately 5,000 new trees to TREE AID through our green tech education programmes.

Fantom Factory donations to TREE AID have planted 5000 trees