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SkySpark® Services

Maybe you are new to SkySpark and a reseller recommended you get in touch with us? Or perhaps you are experienced with SkySpark but want to get inventive?

Wherever you are in your SkySpark journey, Fantom Factory's advanced expertise can help you achieve all your SkySpark goals.


SkySpark® Setup

New to the world of SkySpark? We can help you set this up right from the very start.

We create an optimised and error free SkySpark installation for you to view and use continuous historical data through the main applications.

Our services:

  • Advise on system architecture
  • Assist with SkySpark installations
  • Onboard and map your data points
  • Tune data point connectors
  • Build a robust data tagging model
  • Configure SkySpark applications

Tell us more about your SkySpark aspirations.

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SkySpark® Operations

Whether you have just set up SkySpark, or wish to improve performace of an existing installation, we provide the skills to get it in top condition.

We customise your SkySpark installation and build programmatic rules with clean and clear Axon code for optimised data results.

Our services:

  • Create new Axon rules (analytics, FDD)
  • Review and optimise existing Axon code
  • Import and maintain tariff data
  • Assist with SkySpark upgrades & migrations
  • Refine error handling for robustness
  • Maintain installation for equip changes
  • Provide training and mentoring

Work with us to review your SkySpark data performance.

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SkySpark® Development

Development is where the real SkySpark innovation happens. Our support means you can get inventive with new dashboards, applications, and SkySpark functionality.

Our Fantom expertise enables us to deliver unmatched quality for tailor-made applications, visualisations, and reporting tools.

Our services:

  • High-end visualisations and dashboards
  • Customised and automated PDF reports
  • Custom workflow functionality
  • Tailor-made connector creation
  • Integration with 3rd party technology
  • Bespoke SkySpark tooling and apps
  • Web authentication and encryption
  • Web app and product development
  • Developer training and software tooling
  • Software and technology innovation!

We love to innovate on anything new!

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Let's get started

We know from our clients that the best results come from real understanding. This is why we work closely with your team to gather detailed requirements and collaborate on a plan that delivers exactly what you need.

Our agile approach to software development means you'll be part of the process every step of the way.

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The first step is to book a call with us for an initial discussion about your SkySpark requirements. Together, we will craft the best way forward, which may involve a one-off feasibility study or a proof of concept build.

We give you all the information you need up-front to decide on the best possible options for your SkySpark project.

Talk to us about how we can make your SkySpark Analytics deployment a success.

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