SkySpark Analyst v2.0

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Use our SkySpark software in a browser and work through interactive exercises in this digital training course. Learn how to use the main SkySpark applications to find and analyse real data. Ideal for joiners, or new SkySpark customers.

This course provides self-paced eLearning focused on the user-oriented apps (Spark, Energy, Historian, KPI) in an established project. It does not address the installation of SkySpark or the use of project builder tools.

Digital eLearning
Course length
approx 1-2 days
Content access
30 days
Designed for
SkySpark v3.0.25

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Course description

With SkySpark Analyst, you will learn how, and why, to analyse data with the relevant SkySpark applications. You will use our own hosted SkySpark to find real data and work through our interactive exercises and tests.

As you progress through this digital course, you will need to pass module checkpoints, to ensure that key learning points, from our bespoke syllabus, have been understood before continuing further.

Certification is awarded for successfully using SkySpark to pass the final course assessment, based on competency in the course objectives, listed below.

Course objectives

Demonstrate ability to use SkySpark to:

  • Find and display sensor data from specific devices and buildings
  • Access information for the use of energy (electricity, water, gas)
  • Report on running costs, and fault and maintenance costs
  • Produce custom displays and charts for reports and exports

Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of:

  • Business goals and analysing data
  • Gathering requirements for SkySpark data
  • The difference between basic information and intelligent data

Course content

  • 7 Modules
  • 29 Topics
  • 98 Interactive questions
  • 8 Demo videos
  • 9 Achievements
  • 1 Certificate

Course Requirements

SkySpark Analyst is for complete beginners. To complete this training you will need internet access and a browser. Two screens are recommended, where possible, to be able to navigate SkySpark and work through our exercises at the same time.


Short video clips to highlight our eLearning course features.

How to use our online SkySpark to answer a 'sort the order' question

Demonstrating another question type - 'fill in the blank'


Overall this was a very informative course.
SkySpark Analyst v2.0
Reviewed on 29th October 2020
Scenarios and story, using SkySpark / Axon

Overall this was a very informative course. I have taken a traditional introduction course to SkySpark and this course, in comparison, far exceeds the utility of that other, more expensive course.

There are still gaps in my understanding of both the data-science subject matter and the tools that SkySpark offers. But, I am hoping to shore up my understanding by taking the Axon course.

Mathew B Coalson

Thanks for your comments, we are very pleased you found the course so useful.

Don't forget that SkyFoundry also offers some great demonstration videos for SkySpark which can help too.

Emma (Fantom Factory)

What exactly am I buying?

You are purchasing a unique Course Access Code which grants digital access for one individual on one eLearning course. Your Code is emailed to you immediately upon purchase.

You may purchase multiple codes and distribute them to others.

To use your Course Access Code, you will need to create an individual learning account on our training website. Don't worry, detailed instructions are provided upon purchase.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wishes understand how to start using SkySpark for data analytics. Perfect if you need to learn quickly, or perhaps if you are looking for a convenient way to train any number of new SkySpark clients.

How does this compare to SkySpark Essentials?

We have custom designed each training syllabus, to meet the learning objectives for different audience types. This makes us uniquely different in the marketplace and so our eLearning cannot be directly compared.

The main benefit is that you receive relevant high quality training for your needs!

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