SkySpark Engineer v1.1

Build your first SkySpark project with records, tags, and points.

  • Create new projects, sites, and equip records
  • Query data with Axon filter expressions
  • Use and troubleshoot a Haystack connector
  • Bind "live" points
  • Import and collect history data
  • Set up and view Rules


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Course length
2 - 4 days (approx)
Content access
8 weeks
24 CPD hours / CE units
Designed for
SkySpark 3.0.27

Course description

SkySpark Engineer is the perfect course for engineers and facilities managers who need to start using and understanding SkySpark.

Build out your first SkySpark Project as we look into the underlying data structures within this analytics platform.

Learn how to create and tag records, using Project Haystack v4.0 standards. Understand how to bind points through adding and tuning connector records. Create and practise Axon filter expressions to retrieve stored data, using our bespoke Axon Command Console.

Understand more about historical data, computed histories, writing to setpoints, and converting values. Set up historical rules and assign Spark costs, along with how to use the new current rule type.

No SkySpark installation, licence, or HVAC knowledge required.

Some short video clips to highlight course features.


To be able to:

  • Understand Project Haystack standards of data tagging
  • Create and use Axon filter expressions
  • Understand the underlying data structures in SkySpark
  • Build projects with sites, equipment and point records
  • Add and use connectors with point records and values
  • Synchronise, write, and convert Point values
  • Manage and import historical data
  • Create and edit SkySpark Rules *

* Axon is provided but not taught; see Axon Programmer to learn Axon.


  • 8 Modules
  • 50 Topics
  • 150 Interactive questions
  • 12 Demo videos
  • 9 Achievements
  • 24 CPD hours / CE units
  • 1 Certificate
  • FREE reference journal
  • FREE Arcadia Toolkit


SkySpark Engineer is for complete beginners.

To complete this training you will only need internet access and a browser.

No prior knowledge of SkySpark or Axon is required; however it is beneficial to have access to an installation of SkySpark for further practice in project building.

A login for the documentation on the SkyFoundry website is also beneficial.


Achievement BadgeCPD Logo

This course is both CPD and Fantom Factory certified.

Reach the final assessment and you will be eligible for a Continued Professional Development (CPD) certificate, valid around the world towards Continued Education (CE).

Pass the final assessment to be awarded the Fantom Factory Certificate of Achievement as proof of your new skills and knowledge.

Bonus Material

We provide a FREE SkySpark add-on, the Arcadia Toolkit, that populates your SkySpark with real records, points, and Axon functions. This lets you practise the "Try It Yourself" exercises with ready-made training data.

We also host a synthesised piece of equipment over the Internet, the Ice Cone, so you can set up a real SkySpark connector with real points and synchronise simulated data (for real!).

Our SkySpark Engineer JOURNAL is awarded for FREE on completion of the course, to reference key notes and information from throughout the eLearning.


Reviewed on 15th March 2022
Chunil Noh (Youone Engineering)

Reviewed on 7th March 2022

I am more familiar with skyspark
Reviewed on 22nd December 2021
Scenarios and story, interactive questions, structure and pace, using SkySpark / Axon

I am more familiar with skyspark, and this make me more confident working with skyspark

Salam Sukkar

We love to hear this Salam!

Emma (Fantom Factory)

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