SkySpark Engineer v1.0

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Designed for facilities managers and engineers who need to use and understand SkySpark.

We take you on a journey of SkySpark's underlying data structures as you build out your first SkySpark Project and work through 150 questions and exercises.

Learn how to use Project Haystack (v4) Tagging, Site Builder, the Folio Database, filter expressions, Connectors, and Rules.

Create new project, site, and equip records, bind points, import and collect history, tune Connectors, set up Rules, and view Sparks.

No SkySpark installation, licence, or HVAC knowledge required.

Digital eLearning
Course length
approx 2 - 4 days
Designed for
SkySpark 3.0.27
Content access
35 days

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Course description

Build out your first SkySpark Project as we look into the underlying data structures within this analytics platform. You will explore Folio and learn filter expressions with our bespoke Axon console.

As you progress through this digital course, you will need to pass module checkpoints, to ensure that key learning points, from our bespoke syllabus, have been understood before continuing further.

Certification is awarded for successfully passing the final course assessment, based on observed competency in the course objectives listed below.

Course objectives

To be able to:

  • Understand Project Haystack standards of data tagging
  • Create and use Axon filter expressions
  • Understand the underlying data structures in SkySpark
  • Build projects with sites, equipment and point records
  • Add and use connectors with point records and values
  • Synchronise, write, and convert Point values
  • Manage and import historical data
  • Create and edit SkySpark Rules

Course content

  • 8 Modules
  • 50 Topics
  • 150 Interactive questions
  • 12 Demo videos
  • 9 Achievements
  • 1 Certificate
  • 1 FREE reference journal

Course Requirements

SkySpark Engineer is for complete beginners. To complete this training you will need internet access and a browser.

No prior knowledge of SkySpark or Axon is required; however it is beneficial to have access to an installation of SkySpark for further practice in project building. A login for the documentation on the SkyFoundry website is also beneficial.


Easy to use, interactive, good examples
Skyspark Engineer
Reviewed on 2nd April 2021

Easy to use, interactive, good examples, and goes into detail in all the right places without overloading you with information.

Getting people to learn how to use SkySpark and to program in Axon has always been a tricky proposition. I've been using SkySpark for 7 years now and even I have learned a few things using this service.

Phillip Birch, Product Owner (DLR Group)

That's great to hear, thanks Phil!

Our training may be designed for beginners, but each syllabus is still very comprehensive.

With so many self-taught SkySpark users out there, our courses are perfect for "filling in gaps" and bringing teams up to the same level of knowledge.

Emma (Fantom Factory)

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What exactly am I buying?

You are purchasing a unique Course Access Code which grants digital access for one individual on one eLearning course. Your Code is emailed to you immediately upon purchase.

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Who is this course for?

Anyone new to SkySpark who needs to understand the basic concepts of data integration and project building. A great way to get started quickly or to pass convenient training on to new SkySpark clients.

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