Haystack Essentials v1.0

Learn how to add new dimensions to your data models with Project Haystack 4.0+ tags.

  • Create tags and values
  • Understand tag definitions and relationships
  • Find tags using website resources
  • Model entities with an easy process
  • Add structure and flows
  • Explore a variety of schematic examples
  • Browse more data model examples
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Course length
1 - 2 days (approx)
Content access
8 weeks
12 CPD hours / CE units
Designed for
Haystack 4.0

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Introducing Haystack

Course description

The ESSENTIAL course for anyone looking to take their Project Haystack data models to new dimensions!

Whether you are a complete beginner, or already experienced with using tags, there is something new to learn at every level for Project Haystack 4.0 and above.

Learn how to model points and equipment in your building environment with added dimensions of flows and movement - using inherent tag meaning only found with Project Haystack.

For anyone, at any level, to gain comprehensive insight into Project Haystack tagging and learn how to apply richer meaning to your data.

You'll be surprised at how much there is to learn!

Some short video clips to highlight course features.


Demonstrate the ability to:

  • Identify key benefits of using Project Haystack tags
  • Access and navigate website resources
  • Utilise Haystack tag kinds and values
  • Reference tag documentation and definitions
  • Understand tag terminology and taxonomy
  • Model entities and build basic data models
  • Create flows and structures between entities
  • Identify tag dependencies and associations
  • Apply tags for different types of models


  • 6 Modules
  • 36 Topics
  • 90 Interactive questions
  • 6 Demo videos
  • 9 Achievements
  • 12 CPD hours / CE units
  • Digital Certification
  • FREE reference journal

Course Requirements

Haystack Essentials is suitable for complete beginners.

To complete this training you will only need internet access and a browser.

No prior knowledge of tagging is required; however it is beneficial to have knowledge of a HVAC or building environment.


Achievement BadgeCPD Logo

This course is both CPD and Fantom Factory certified.

Reach the final assessment and you will be eligible for a Continued Professional Development (CPD) certificate, valid around the world towards Continued Education (CE).

Pass the final assessment to be awarded the Fantom Factory Certificate of Excellence as proof of your new skills and knowledge.

Bonus Material

Our Haystack Essentials JOURNAL is awarded for FREE on completion of the course, to reference key notes and information from throughout the eLearning.


Reviewed on 4th September 2023
Interactive questions, structure and pace

Reviewed on 25th August 2023
Dhaval Vibhakar

no teaching in understanding how to integrate in a BMS
Reviewed on 7th May 2023

no teaching in understanding how to integrate in a BMS


I'm sorry to hear this Markus. I'd just like to post part of our email chat for the benefit of other readers, if I may:

"Right now I am writing my thesis about Project Haystack... Unfortunately, I couldn't find a process anywhere on how to integrate project haystack into my building, neither at the controller level nor at the software level."

You are right that there are no practical examples of how you may apply the model to a Building Management / Automation System. The course teaches pure Project Haystack and is completely BMS agnostic.

In our experience, use of Project Haystack tends to be "features already built into a BMS", rather than "knowledge an end user applys to a BMS" - and the integration is highly dependent on the BMS itself. For example, the FIN Framework and SkySpark systems embrace Project Haystack fully.

Incidentally, another tool worth knowing about is nHaystack which allows Niagara stations to converse via the Haystack protocol.

We wish you all the best with your thesis and hope you reach out to the Project Haystack forum (as we suggested) for help with the specific detail you need.

Emma (Fantom Factory)

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