Syllabus - Axon Programmer

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Module 1

An overview of the relationship between Project Haystack and Axon. Understanding of the purpose and operation of Axon as a programming language.

Module 2

An introduction to using key Axon data types and operations for simple expressions.

Module 3

Understanding how to call Axon functions and use arguments.

Module 4

How to write functions, using arguments, variables, comments and 'if' statements.

Module 5

Understanding and practicing how to use lists and dicts.

Module 6

A look at different aspects of using the Folio database for retrieving dicts and grids.

Module 7

How Axon manages Date and Time literals and some useful functions around parsing this data.

Module 8

Reading and manipulating time series history data.

Module 9

Understanding lambdas and using common syntax and functions.

Module 10

Some final (and advanced) Axon topics to complete a robust knowledge of the language; components, error handling, writing history data and Axon IO.

Module 11

Course revision and preparation for the final assessment.

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