Programming Portfolio

Axon Encryptor

Encrypts and obfuscates Axon source code to protect your software IP.


A framework for easily creating your own custom SkySpark Connectors from Axon functions.

Pod Builder

Create custom SkySpark extensions from your Axon functions, views, and apps.

HTTP Client

Powerful Axon functions for making HTTP requests to REST APIs.

Pelican Connector

An optimised SkySpark Connector for Pelican Wireless.

Kaiterra Connector

An optimised SkySpark Connector for Kaiterra Cloud, Laser Egg, and Sensedge devices.

Other SkySpark extensions from Fantom Factory:

For full product details, visit StackHub the digital marketplace for Project Haystack

We support Open Source Software

F4 Fantom IDE

Maintained by Fantom Factory

The F4 IDE was originally developed by Xored Software, Inc. in 2011. To support the Fantom Community we have since taken over the mantle of support and maintenance updates for this essential tool.

Visit the Releases tab on the GitHub homepage for the latest downloads.

GitHub Projects

65 Open Source repositories and counting...

Whether you program for business or for fun, there is a Fantom Factory library for you.

On the serious side, Steve has written database drivers, HTTP servers, language parsers, and everything else in between. On the fun side, think quadcopters, gamepads, voice recognition, and more!

Visit Fantom Factory on GitHub for details - there are just too many to list here!

Eggbox Pod Repo

The official repository for Fantom libraries

To enhance the Fantom community, Steve created the Eggbox pod repository - in Fantom, of course!

Fantom Factory continue to sponsor and maintain this official repository of Fantom pods, where anyone can upload and distribute their open-source Fantom libraries.

Visit the Eggbox pod repository for details.

Fantom Websites

By the way, did we mention we specialise in Fantom?

Along with giving public talks, creating tutorial videos and answering countless forum posts on the topic, Fantom Factory Steve has invested much time into creating these Fantom resources:

Alpha Colony eLearning

The Fantom Factory training site.


The StackHub website is developed and maintained with special thanks to Fantom Factory.

Sonrai IAQ

The Intelligent Air Quality monitoring application by DLR Group is developed with Fantom Factory.


The official pod repository for Fantom.

Escape the Mainframe

A browser game rendered in stunning retro 3D vector graphics, written in Fantom.

Community website all about Fantom.
SkySpark Engineer v 2.0
20 Aug 2023
Emma Eynon
The new version of SkySpark Engineer is out now!
Visit our Fantom Eggbox
10 Aug 2023
Emma Eynon
Lots of open source Fantom tools and resources for developers!
Custom SkySpark dashboards
18 Jul 2023
Emma Eynon
How we are redesigning the face of SkySpark!
EasyConn is available now!
29 May 2023
Emma Eynon
The very first universal Fantom connector for SkySpark.
Coming soon - EasyConn!
19 Apr 2023
Emma Eynon
The very first universal Fantom connector for SkySpark.
We champion Project Haystack!?
03 Apr 2023
Emma Eynon
The open source standard for data tagging and digital twins.