Showcasing our SkySpark services

Published on 23 Jun 2022 by Emma Eynon

Showcasing our SkySpark services

We're often approached by organisations who need help using SkySpark or other Project Haystack systems. In particular:

  • Understanding how these systems could deliver real results
  • Working out the most efficient way to achieve their objectives
  • Trusting someone with expertise to guide their projects
  • Finding the right training for their in-house team and/or clients

The reality is that people are scared of being trapped into large unnecessary contracts or worse, committing to work with companies who don't know as much as they really should.

In this industry in particular, we see many skilled personnel leaving to pursue different roles, after a great deal of company investment in their training - especially with some of the more niche skillsets (like Fantom programming!).

This leaves many businesses in the unfortunate position of lacking the resource and knowledge to fulfil web development projects to a high standard.

Enter Fantom Factory

Now for the good news!

We started Fantom Factory to help businesses with exactly these kinds of challenges. As a purely support focused company, over the last few years we have helped dozens of international clients with friendly advice and custom web development - on all kinds of projects!

Smaller organisations in particular really benefit from our expertise without fear of expensive contract lock-ins. We provide an experienced alternative to help deliver projects without the need to hire additional internal resource.

Forest Rock

In fact, for SkySpark distributors like Forest Rock, it's invaluable to be able to call on a favoured GO TO support company like us to entrust their clients to. They get to concentrate on selling SkySpark, all with the confidence that clients can work with us to build on their custom SkySpark installation projects in any direction they choose.

We recently attended the Skyspark event Forest Rock held to introduce businesses to the UK SkySpark community. It was great to meet up with so many new and old faces from around Europe!

skyspark event image

Training and development

Not only have we successfully delivered on all of our projects to date, but we've spent a great deal of time on creating a digital training range to help too!

So, if you need:

  • Advice to work out HOW TO do overcome a technical challenge
  • Additional skilled development resource to help steer or DELIVER a project
  • Training for your team to design and deliver work internally

We can help with any or perhaps ALL of these pain points! It all starts with a friendly chat.

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Get in touch

If you have a question or want to send feedback then we'd love to hear from you - so get in touch!

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