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We provide software consultancy for SkySpark, Axon, Project Haystack, and of course, Fantom.

Fantom Factory is a Provider of Training Excellence
Custom connectors( Ready-made )
Custom connectors
Connect to your data at the click of a button.

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Bespoke dashboards( Views and graphics )
Bespoke dashboards
Design your ideal dashboards and reports.

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Project collaboration( Time and materials )
Project collaboration
Deliver challenging technical projects on time

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Why are more businesses choosing us?

It's simple really - people rely on our technology expertise, experience, and honest advice.

As leading industry experts in the fields of data connectivity and software development, we work with all kinds of companies around the world.

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AFMAir-TraxxAltura AssociatesAnka LabsBAMBASSGBelimoBright PowerControl Concepts OhioBelimoIntellastarInfinityJ2 InnovationsKaiterrakW EngineeringStackHubStruktonTrove ConsultingUC Santa Cruise

So what is Fantom?

Fantom is a software programming language. It is required to create connectors and extensions for SkySpark and a wider range of OEM systems.

As our name suggests, we are considered an authority on the Fantom programming language, the core of SkySpark and Haxall.

We LOVE the Fantom programming language - so much so we make all our own technologies with it!

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Fanny the Fantom in the Matrix

Digital leaders in innovation

Our high standards of software development allow us to innovate and create - in the digital world. We believe in pushing the boundaries to go where no nerd has gone before!

In fact, we created the Fantom Factory eLearning platform ourselves - to add new features for ANYTHING we can dream up!

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Saving the world together

Fantom Factory has strong green values which guides us into working with others who aspire to save our planet.

We choose to specialise in Environmental Technologies (like SkySpark) to help businesses reach net carbon zero through software optimisation, data modelling and analysis, and system interoperability.

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Saving the planet together
Fantom Factory delivered fantastic support to get us up and running quickly.
- Jake MacArthur, Building Fit