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Haystack Essentials is out now!

Published on 26 May 2022 by Emma Eynon

Haystack Essentials is out now!

We are very proud to announce the official Project Haystack eLearning course is now available from Fantom Factory!

Haystack Essentials walks you through the theoretical and practical aspects of building data models using Project Haystack tags.

In just a few hours you will learn how to apply Project Haystack tags to model points and equipment in your building environment.

Haystack Essentials eLearning course

Course outline

Module 1 - Introducing Project Haystack

Module 2 - Tag kinds and values

Module 3 - Navigating Haystack libraries and resources

Module 4 - My first data model

Module 5 - More tagging models

Module 6 - Course revision and assessment


  • 6 Modules
  • 36 Topics
  • 90 Interactive questions
  • 6 Demonstration videos
  • 9 Achievements
  • 1 Certificate

Start training today

Priced at just $175 USD per person you can purchase access and start training immediately - just visit our shop.

Earn a Certificate of Excellence to share online and claim accreditation units (or hours) towards a continued education program!

Haystack Essentials eLearning course

But wait... there's more!

As well as giving you confidence in using Project Haystack for data models, we will also reward your training efforts with a JOURNAL for long term access to the course reference materials!

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If you have a question or want to send feedback then we'd love to hear from you - so get in touch!

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