SkySpark Core Training

Published on 01 Mar 2022 by Emma Eynon

SkySpark Core Training

Are you struggling to find essential SkySpark training for your team?

  • Are you tackling a new client project that requires SkySpark skills?
  • Do you have a heavy and demanding project schedule?
  • Are you growing a team with different backgrounds and experience?
  • Are you unsure which SkySpark skillsets to develop for actual roles?
  • Most importantly, you need confidence in getting true value for money!

Don't be stuck in the past - embrace the new digital future of Fantom Factory eLearning!

We make it easy to onboard new SkySpark users with our Core Training range of highly rated eLearning courses.

What's in the Core Training?

Our suite of 3 Core Training courses prepares your new starter with a solid foundation of basic SkySpark knowledge and skills - empowering them for any new SkySpark role in your workplace.

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  • SkySpark Engineer eLearning banner
  • SkySpark Viewbuilder eLearning banner

Complete beginners can be up and running with all of the essential SkySpark skills they need to start using SkySpark in the workplace - and all in as little as a week!

No SkySpark software or pre-requisite training required!

What about using Axon?

Axon is the scripting language that SkySpark uses to handle and manipulate data. (So it's pretty important!)

Over the recent years, SkyFoundry has worked hard to make more of the screens and options in SkySpark to be operated through "point and click" actions. As you may agree - not all of us are cut out to be "programmers"!

Basic skillsets in SkySpark can be achieved without Axon programming knowledge, such as:

  • finding and analysing data (SKYSPARK ANALYST)
  • creating records and tags, and using connectors (SKYSPARK ENGINEER)
  • building and customising display options (SKYSPARK VIEWBUILDER)

Fundamentally though, the SkySpark platform operates on data - so someone in the workplace needs to have red hot Axon programming knowledge to enable the rest of the team.

This is why we also offer a pure Axon programming course, for... well... erm... Programmers!

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We take care of SkySpark training

We offer the full suite of SkySpark training courses designed to help onboard new starters into the world of SkySpark - as quickly and as easily as possible.

Even better - they'll even enjoy the learning experience with our consolidation techniques, achievements, and story universe.

Our courses are fully accredited and offer digital certification that truly measures learning.

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Visit our CORE TRAINING website page for more information and get started today!

How does this compare with SkySpark Essentials?

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Want a sneak peek?

Talk with us to arrange a live demo or request a trial access code.

We hope to see you (on Mars) very soon!

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