Our SkySpark eLearning OR SkySpark Essentials?

Published on 04 May 2021 by Emma Eynon

Our SkySpark eLearning OR SkySpark Essentials?

Since we started out with SkySpark training, we are often asked:

"Exactly how does our training compare with SkySpark Essentials?"

Well, in short:

SkyFoundry as the product owner is obligated to teach a broad syllabus in just 3 days. It is an instructor led group "presentation style" - ideal for classrooms or webinars.

  • Scheduled events in an instructor led group
  • Presentations aimed at the whole audience
  • A broad set range of topics

Fantom Factory as an accredited trainer offers extensive and in-depth coverage of 3 tailored eLearning courses, designed for each SkySpark user type.

  • Training website for immediate access
  • Digital platform delivery with interactive self-paced training
  • Modular (mix and match) training designed especially for beginners
  • Specialised and in-depth content for each course

Read on for a closer look!

SkySpark Essentials

SkyFoundry promise to cover a set range of topics within their scheduled 3 day training event.

Day 1

  • Module 1 - SkySpark installation
  • Module 2 - Building a Project

Day 2

  • Module 3 - Onboarding data using connectors
  • Module 4 - Using the ViewBuilder application

Day 3

  • Module 5 - Using Axon

SkySpark Essentials is currently delivered as a series of presentations in an instructor led environment (classroom/online). There is an option to remove Day 3 from the training, for those who do not wish to program with Axon.

A personal SkySpark installation is required for attendance, with set up instructions available on their website AND covered on Day 1 of Essentials.

You also need a licence capacity of 200 points to create the official demo database.

Cost: $1400 per person (or $990 web based) + $800 SkySpark licence.

Fantom Factory eLearning

Our aim, as accredited training providers, is to lower the barrier to entry for various technologies across the Internet of Things.

We asked "Why would you need SkySpark training?"

We were told:

  • To analyse data effectively
  • To understand its data structures and how SkySpark works
  • To customise and develop SkySpark further

So, we created a training course to focus on each of these!


SkySpark Analyst - 2 day course teaching SkySpark data analysis.

  • We guide learners through understanding and identifying SkySpark data using the main applications; Historian, KPI, Spark, and Energy
  • We host our own SkySpark instance to use with our interactive exercises.
  • Approx 8 to 16 hours to complete.
  • Cost: $195


SkySpark Engineer - 4 day course teaching SkySpark project building.

  • For new SkySpark users to understand its data structures and database, Project Haystack tagging, and everything needed to build out a SkySpark project for the first-time.
  • Free digital tools available for optional SkySpark use.
  • Approx 16 to 32 hours to complete.
  • Cost: $295


Axon Programmer - 5 day course teaching the pure Axon language.

  • Designed for programmers to proactively learn Axon to a high standard, making it easy and intuitive to apply Axon to any element of SkySpark.
  • Use our Axon command console to work through 200 real Axon exercises.
  • Approx 24 to 40 hours to complete.
  • Cost: $395


Total cost for the complete suite: $885

No prerequisite training or software installations required - we host everything needed in our training website!

Training Comparison Summary

So, while the syllabus topics of the two types of training may seem similar, the aims and purpose of each can be quite different!

SkyFoundry - Need to teach high level content over a broad range of topics, to a general audience. Lots of prerequisites and formalities to attend training.

Fantom Factory - Helping new starters to understand the technology from the beginning, with mix and match modular training, and no prerequisites.

See the companion article to read a full and detailed syllabus comparison.

Full Syllabus Comparison

In summary:

SkyFoundry Essentials

Fantom Factory eLearning

Need SkySpark with a 200 point licence


Need basic competency in SkySpark

Designed for beginners

Everyone attends same session

Training based on audience type

Scheduled training events

Immediately available online

Time-tabled class sessions

Self-paced digital delivery

Cursory syllabus coverage

In-depth syllabus content

Instructor led feedback and progress

Instant feedback and progress

Delivered in American English

Locale and language options


SkyFoundry Training (link)

As the product owner, SkyFoundry is better placed to deliver targeted training on advanced SkySpark features. Great for existing SkySpark users who want to develop an advanced use of the platform and features.


Fantom Factory eLearning (link)

We at Fantom Factory are focussed on delivering effective and consistent interactive training for beginners and new SkySpark users. Great for on-boarding, and developing standardised skill sets within teams.


SkySpark is just the beginning!

Contact us if you would like to arrange a live demonstration of our training and to discuss your business training requirements.

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