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Our exciting new eLearning news!

Published on 14 Aug 2020 by Emma Eynon

Our exciting new eLearning news!

We continuously work to make our interactive eLearning courses the very best that we believe they can be. In the next couple of weeks, we plan to release the all new version 2.0 for our SkySpark Analyst eLearning course!

Alongside this, we're adding new designs and features to our bespoke eLearning platform. So, get ready, here is what's coming!

SkySpark Analyst v2.0

The course content is now fully compatible with SkySpark version 3.0.25, and this version of SkySpark is now used in your training.

We provide SkySpark for you in a browser, already configured with the data needed to complete your exercises and assessments.

More exercises

We have significantly increased the number of practical exercises, now giving you 51 to work through over 6 training modules. Combined with the assessments and checkpoints, we present a total of 98 interactive questions to complete!

(You can see a full breakdown of course content for the version 1.0, on the course page content listing.)

More engaging scenarios

Listening to your feedback, we have also enhanced our training scenarios. Now you'll find a more coherent storyline through the training, linking together your learning, your practical exercises, and the intelligence gathered from the data. We believe it is just as important to know why you are finding SkySpark data, as it is to know how!

More... French!

Parlez-vous Français? For our French customers, this new version of SkySpark Analyst is now available in its entirety in the French language! Until now, our locale feature has only been used to present British/European and American versions of the training content. (Very useful for SI units, spelling and even different vocabulary!) This is the first time we are offering SkySpark training, in a foreign language!

French analyst example

This is an extremely popular course which provides exceptional benefits for new SkySpark data analysts. We are very excited to be releasing this new version very soon!

eLearning platform - what's new?

There are so many great new features coming to the Fantom Factory eLearning training site, here are a few of them:

New Dashboard

The previously named Launchpad page is now the new Dashboard area. This has a different design layout to make it easier and more intuitive to find the information you need. We now have more help on offer, with quick help dialogs and a site tutorial, making it even easier to start your training with confidence.

New display themes

We offer different display themes to let you customise how you view our training. Our original classic light theme and the more fun Mars theme are being re-vamped to give a cleaner look, helping you concentrate on your learning.

But what's that? Did someone just ask, "Where's the dark theme"? Well watch this space...

New graphic design

We have set the training scenario at the first human colony on Mars, in the year 2052. (The year humans are currently planning to move to Mars!) We believe this is when data and analytics for living environments will be extremely important to know and understand!

Our goal is to bring our visuals and displays into the future, giving a more realistic impression of the year 2052. Our User Interface design should now look and feel clean, high-tech and - well - space-like!

New story mode

We believe in using story and fun scenarios for a fun and engaging learning environment, and to provide more information about the why behind SkySpark and its data. Around this, we have had many requests to add even more story and pictures to keep you engaged - so now you can look forward to new characters, illustrations, and mission updates.

However, we do appreciate that some of our learners prefer "just the facts" and may find the storyline distracting at times. So now, you can choose! Our new Story Mode is a toggle switch that let's you turn our storyline off (and on again!).

New progress bar

Our course progress bar is changing following user feedback! It will now be based on your position through the course pages, rather than on the amount of content you have completed. This should be a lot more intuitive, with new achievement display sections giving an indication of completed optional content.

And we're not stopping there...

With so many new features and ideas, we could get a little carried away. Our priority is always on the quality and the importance of our delivered training.

We've spent time listening, to find out what you need and what is important to you. We have lots of plans to release new courses by the end of the year.

Any feedback you send through is always considered and appreciated as it often results in improvements for our training.

We would love to hear if you have any questions, or perhaps you would like to offer more feedback? Until then, we cannot wait for you to see the new releases which will be out VERY SOON!

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