Why learn with us?

Experts in Fantom and SkySpark

We make difficult technology easy to understand.

Fantom Factory are experts in Fantom software development

Experts in Training

Certified to design and deliver effective, interactive training.

Fantom Factory are certified Group Trainers

Learning through consolidation techniques

Our approach is all about "Learning by Doing", and so we identify key learning points that need to be consolidated using our cycle of learning.

Fantom Factory's cycle of eLearning

Inspired by the Kolb Cycle of Learning, this process ensures our content gives real "learning through experience".

Digital Learning Management System

It's all very well creating high quality training content, but the delivery and training experience is just as important. So, we built our very own digital platform to guarantee the highest quality in interactive exercises and multi-media.

There's nothing like it on the planet!

How to use our online SkySpark to answer a 'sort the order' question

Demonstrating another question type - 'fill in the blank'

Axon answers are unit tested, meaning you can't cheat!

Compare your correct answer to our model answer - maybe there's a better way?

Innovative eLearning technology

Our training site is, in fact, an entire custom eLearning Management System (LMS) that we built ourselves. As a result, we bring some unique and fantastic benefits to our training.

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