23 May 2023
Efan 2.0.6

A library for rendering Embedded Fantom (efan) templates.

This update includes two key features:

  • The dependency on afConcurrent has been removed - which (neatly) accommodates AFX Fass macros!
  • Added a system hook that lets Efan Errs be converted to custom Errs (added for AFX).

Have a look! Visit the Fantom Eggbox Pod Repository

12 May 2023
HttpClient v2.1.14 released

HTTP Client now handles the case where multiple Set-Cookie headers are returned in a single HTTP response.

  • Thanks to Altura Associates for bringing this to our attention.

Visit HTTP Client on StackHub

HTTP client logo

10 May 2023
Custom SkySpark dashboards

Working for a new client we were very pleased to deliver a (proof of concept) for a new dashboard in the SkySpark application.

This design was submitted to us for a data centre to monitor power use.

Our client was very happy and is keen to progress this further!

Dashboard data centre example image

01 May 2023
PodBuilder v1.2.6 released

Added new Filter box to the Folio View, to help find wanted records.

  • Thank you to Florin Hebean of BAM Energy Systems for suggesting the idea.

Added multiLineCipher and encryptComp options to the Axon Encrytor dialogue.

podbuilder banner

21 Apr 2023
We've updated our website terms and conditions.

We've made huge efforts to ensure all of our website policies are up to date and accurate. We're sure noone particularly enjoys reading them, but they can be incredibly important all the same.

In the footer of our website you can find links to our new policies for:

  • Terms and conditions
  • Privacy policy
  • Cookie policy
19 Apr 2023
EasyConn is coming soon!

EasyConn is our idea for a kind of universal connector template - for SkySpark.

It provides the required "Fantom wrapper" for your bespoke connector and enables you to fill out the Axon bits for the authentication you need.

The result is a streamlined, simplier, yet enhanced platform, designed for next-level enterpise applications.

EasyConn is now in beta testing, so watch this space for more news coming soon!

EasyConn coming soon banner

03 Apr 2023
Why we champion Project Haystack

We consider ourselves community champions for Project Haystack.

But WHY? - we hear you ask!

Well, our new video explains all! Watch it now on our YouTube channel:

31 Mar 2023
Fantom Factory is Cyber Certified

Fantom Factory is now certified in the Cyber Essentials scheme - as recognised by the UK Government as a business standard for Cyber awareness.

Read more in this news article link

27 Mar 2023
Winner of the Corporate LiveWire Awards 2023

Fantom Factory is the proud winner of the 2023 award for:

Technology Training Consultants of the Year!

Hooray! We are thrilled our team has been recognised for another year of hard work!

Read all the details in our news article here:

Award banner image

20 Mar 2023
AFX development

We have completed the first round of development on our new eXtreme Application Platform, AFX!

   ___ ____ __ ___
  / _ | ___|  V  /  CyberStar eLearning Platform
 / _  | __/ )   (   by Fantom Factory
/_/ |_|_|  /__^__\  v2.0.0

AFX takes concepts from our existing open source libraries, optimises them, and re-imagines them as a unified whole.

AFX is set to power our upcoming CyberStar eLearning Platform - which we hope to release very soon.

The following table lists the core AFX components, and the libraries they have been built from:

AFX Core






afBedSheet (mw)
















The result is a streamlined, simpler, yet enhanced platform, designed for next-level enterprise applications. (Watch this space!)

16 Mar 2023
Starting out with SkySpark

We've released a fun new video for anyone new to SkySpark to find out how to "get started"!

Learn about the overall concepts of using SkySpark and follow our very own engineer, Chuck, as he sets out to start using it for the very first time.

We hope this will help businesses to understand more about required skills and training this technology stack needs.

Starting out with SkySpark video

06 Mar 2023
2023 Finalist for Contribution to Training Award

We're proud to be finalist in the UK Building Controls Industry Association 2023 awards for our Contribution to Training.

The judges will consider our success with Haystack Essentials alongside applications from other industry heavyweight organisations and we'll find out on 4th May.

Cross your fingers for us!

BCIA finalist logo 2023

24 Feb 2023
Custom SkySpark development

During a collaborative project, a client tasked us with solving a SkySpark issue with a control loop instability. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how we tackled it:

  • We changed a rule to run only when specific fans are running
  • We ruled out false positives by making sure a damper position cannot return a value less than an associated set minimum.
  • Added checks for the status of a fan to determine whether or not to create a Spark.
  • Fixed existing unfinished tests and added new tests for minVal damper point and fan running checks.
  • Deployed new rules and fixed some incorrect targeting.

Plenty of testing confirmed we'd resolved the issue and we succeeded in making our client very happy!

12 Feb 2023
Fantom Pull #16

Submitted Pull-Requests to the official Fantom-Lang GitHub repo to stub out the native Java Peer classes in the core "dom" pod.

This allows AFX to supply its own server / Java version of the "dom" pod to enable full, round-trip client-server-client style unit testing for Fantom web applications.

An industry first! https://github.com/fantom-lang/fantom/pull/16

11 Feb 2023
Sizzle 1.0.6

A library for querying XML documents by means of CSS 2.1 selectors.

Sizzle Documents may now be updated to reflect changes in the underlying XML / DOM document, and query results may also be filtered to constrain elements to a given parent.

Try it for yourself! Visit the Fantom Eggbox Pod Repository

25 Jan 2023
Destination Mars!

The story is now complete!

Image cover for more story

You may have noticed our storytelling was a little, well, "lacking" in our new course.

Thankfully, our in-house illustrator Morgan has now saved the day and we have released the final touches to our dramatic Destination Mars comic-style story!

Try it out (again) - it's completely free after all!

How to access Destination Mars!

24 Dec 2022
Destination Mars!

We are celebrating a new exciting eLearning release - Destination Mars!

And even better - it's absolutely FREE!

As STEM UK and International Mars Society ambassadors we are proud to release this public education to help raise awareness of space exploration and colonisation efforts on the planet Mars.

We hope to inspire more people to get involved with digital skills and roles which can be applied to exciting space careers or even to existing industries involving, say, environmental technologies and Smart Buildings perhaps!

Destination Mars banner

21 Dec 2022
Fantom Factory - 2022 What a Year!

Thank you everybody for another fantastic year for Fantom Factory!

We've summarised all the amazing things you have helped us to achieve in 2022 in this quick video - available on YouTube:

15 Dec 2022
SkySpark Engineer updates

We finally got round to updating the SkySpark Engineer eLearning courses with over 20 tweaks and suggested improvements we've had from student reviews.

Thanks everyone!

skyspark engineer banner

14 Dec 2022
Fantom Factory - A Christmas Special

We're celebrating the holidays with a unique video - our Fantom Factory Christmas Special!

Take a look behind the scenes of how we make tutorial and training videos at Fantom Factory! The struggle is real!

Available on YouTube:

06 Dec 2022
HTTP Client Ext 2.1.12

This release sees a small fix for non-English browser locales:

  • Bug: Fixed HTTP "Quality Value" parsing error that could affect browsers with non-English locales.

Visit HTTP Client on StackHub

HTTP client logo

05 Dec 2022
Axon Encryptor v2.0.6

We've added vital support for Axon components!

  • New: Axon Encryptor now encrypts Axon Components and rules.
  • New: Added encryptComps option to cmd-line, Fantom Task, and UI settings to disable the new Axon Component encrypting feature.

Read our release notes on StackHub.

Axon Encryptor logo

02 Dec 2022
Eggbox 0.2.2

We've made some changes to how the Eggbox (Fantom pod repository) website parses Fantom and Fandoc.

Browse our Eggbox documentation - ON EGGBOX!

02 Dec 2022
BedSheet 1.5.18

BedSheet is our platform for delivering web applications written in Fantom. It provides a rich middleware mechanism for the routing and delivery of content over HTTP.

This latest version includes a round of updates such as:

  • New: HttpStatus.toErr() to replace HttpStatus.makeErr().
  • Chg: The filename directive the Content-Disposition HTTP header as set by HttpResponse.saveAsAttachment() is now quoted. This fixes an issue in new versions of FireFox.

(Thanks to Sean Rosin of Bernhard for reporting.)

Find out more in the full documentation

01 Dec 2022
Arcadia Toolkit Functions

We've updated our toolkit inline with the latest Project Haystack tagging methodology to include new data tags into our Arcadia training data.

  • haystackWriteLevel is now a tag on our (Drill Depth SP)
  • a pointWrite endpoint

For more information on the toolkit see our March 2022 article

28 Nov 2022

Improvements to our online shop pages.

We fixed up some broken links to our online course page for our free course:

Introducing Haystack

28 Nov 2022
HTTP Client Ext 2.1.10

We have enhanced this new version of Http Client Ext with several changes, including a rework of the HTTP/1.1 Keep-Alive functionality.

  • Bug: Fixed a UTF-8 sizing bug with high-end Unicode characters

See the documentation for details.

HTTP client logo

22 Nov 2022
Custom SkySpark development

A client tasked us with creating an application in SkySpark to monitor an maintenance inventory flow between their SkySpark sites and equipment.

We created and delivered an application entirely in Axon, making this simpler and easier to support internally going forward and made our client very happy!

Read our client reviews

21 Nov 2022
Client SkySpark extension updates

A new SkySpark release! We were happy to test and update 12 custom SkySpark extensions for a valued client to make sure they can upgrade to the latest SkySpark version - v3.1.6.

16 Nov 2022
Fantom Factory custom SkySpark dashboards video

We've released a new video to showcase all of the different types of views and dashboards that you could achieve with SkySpark!

Our video shows how you can customise displays inside the SkySpark application - or add your own unique and luxurious front-end instead.

Available on YouTube:

14 Nov 2022
Kaiterra Cloud Ext 1.1.0

This new version of our Kaiterra Cloud Extension is now compatible with SkySpark v3.1.4+ - complete with new Haxall library support and using the SkySpark Trace view.

See the documentation on StackHub for details.

Kaiterra software image

14 Nov 2022
Pelican Cloud Extension v1.1.0

Our v1.1 release for the Pelican Cloud extension adds compatibility with SkySpark version 3.1.4+ and we have included more improvements like:

  • New: Support for the new SkySpark "Trace" view.
  • New: Slave devices now appear in their own folder in the learn tree.
  • Chg: Refactored everything internally to be a Haxall Lib.

See the full documentation for details.

pelican banner image

11 Nov 2022
JSON-RPC 1.0.2

We've released a new immutable version for JsonRpc to use with our upcoming AFX eLearning platform. (More news on this coming very soon!)

Discover more about JsonRpc website documentation.


09 Nov 2022

Improvements to our online shop process.

Now when purchasing an eLearning course in our online shop, your access codes will be printed in our recommended learning order!

09 Nov 2022

Improvements to our MARS eLearning platform.

  • added improved functionality for admins to view student accounts to more easily assist with issues and bug reports.
  • added a course expiry date to help students see at a glance how long they have left to complete an eLearning course.
25 Oct 2022
Client SkySpark extension updates

We were happy to test and update 12 custom SkySpark extensions for a valued client to make sure they can upgrade to SkySpark v3.1.5.

14 Oct 2022
SkySpark Rule Development

We are happy to announce another successful delivery of a large number of SkySpark rules and Axon functions for a major client.

A robust install and migration script ensured they were delivered and setup remotely, fuss free, first time, and with no interaction from us!

14 Oct 2022
JSON 2.0.14

We've released even more improvements to our afJson library. (A customisable Fantom to Javascript Object Notation (JSON) mapping library for use with fully fledged Fantom domain objects.)

It goes far beyond the usual JsonInStream and JsonOutStream classes by mapping and instantiating fully fledged Fantom domain objects.

Discover all the features in the summary or read the full release notes


14 Oct 2022
Mongo 2.1.8

We've made some minor improvements to afMongo - just for you!

Read the release notes here

afMongo Logo

10 Oct 2022

Announcing our new Fantom library - JSON-RPC!

An implementation of the JSON-RPC v2.0 specification.

JSON-RPC is used by the Language Server Protocol (LSP) to serialise messages. Use JSON-RPC to invoke methods on a class instance.

Discover more in the official website documentation.


07 Oct 2022
Morphia 2.0.4

New updates released for our amazing Morphia library (an Object Relational Mapper between Fantom and Mongo).

Read all about them in the official release notes.

afMorphia Logo

04 Oct 2022
STEM Futures website - new!

STEM FUTURES is now here! https://www.stemfutures.uk/

Our new Fantom website will deliver award winning eLearning for adult retraining - specifically around the digital environment.

stem futures banner

  • Look out for more details on this coming soon in 2023!
30 Sep 2022
Arcadia Toolkit Functions

As many of you will know, we provide synthesised training data through our "live" connector.

Using this data for our training scenarios requires SkySpark Rules to be used - which means... uh oh... Axon functions! We provide these Rules in our handy (and free) SkySpark extension - the Arcadia Toolkit.

Now for the first time, we have released our Axon Functions in a plain text format to help you work with our training data - without using the Arcadia Toolkit extension. Copy and paste to your heart's content!

Read more about how to use our Arcadia Functions.

Arcadia Rule functions image

28 Sep 2022
Axon Programmer 2.4

Improved question wording in topic 5.4. Thanks very much to Jhan Talastasin for highlighting this.

Axon Programmer course image

26 Sep 2022
Podbuilder 1.2.4

Added new section to documentation, "How to... use custom icons". Thank you to Samuel Nelson for the idea.

PodBuilder may now be used by Users with a SkySpark Admin role; previously PodBuilder was restricted to the SU role. Thank you to Carlos Garcia Pastor for the suggestion.

PodBuilder now gracefully handles the case where doc tags do not have string values. Thank you to Farhang Razzaghi for reporting.

podbuilder banner

13 Sep 2022
Haystack Connects 2022

Did you know we made the official training for Project Haystack data modelling?

We unveiled the wonders of our Haystack Essentials eLearning course to the Project Haystack community at this year's Haystack Connects event.

Our video presentation explains the details of what to expect from this handy training - enjoy!

14 Aug 2022
EntroCIM Analyst v1.0

We are very excited to announce our collaboration with the EntroCIM team to produce the new data analytics course - EntroCIM Analyst!

Access EntroCIM Analyst eLearning today!

And even more good news! This eLearning also has its own JOURNAL for long term access to training materials!

Use our hosted EntroCIM instance to find real training data for the course exercises.

EntroCIM Analyst banner

12 Aug 2022
hCaptcha 0.0.4

Protect your web application from harmful bots and spiders!

In this updated release for hCaptcha, the "invalid-or-already-seen-response" error code is treated as a capture failure, not an error.

See the hCaptcha on Eggbox for more details.

afHcaptcha Logo

02 Aug 2022
A full website revamp - phase 1

We take our role as technical communicators very seriously and this includes how we use our marketing website as well as eLearning! Our team decided we can do better with our message and our services - so we're working on it right now!

Today we released new versions for our Home, Software Services, eLearning Excellence, and What is Alpha Colony? pages.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

planet earth image

02 Aug 2022
Pelican Cloud Extension v1.0.2

In this updated release for our Pelican Cloud extension, we have now included support for:

  • Thermostat Slave devices
  • Zone Controllers devices
  • HTTP 1.1 Keep-Alive Pipelining

See the documentation for details.

Special thanks to Nathan of Trove Consulting for all the testing help!

pelican banner image

01 Aug 2022
Kaiterra Cloud Ext 1.0.2

In this new release of our officially endorsed Kaiterra Cloud extension, we have now included support for HTTP 1.1 Keep-Alive Pipelining.

See the documentation on StackHub for details.

Kaiterra software image

27 Jul 2022
Pelican Cloud Extension Video

Our creative team has been busy with another new video! This time to showcase the wonders of our new Pelican Cloud Extension for SkySpark - available now on StackHub

You can watch it now on YouTube?

Pelican cloud connector thumb

23 Jul 2022
Pelican Cloud Extension v1.0.0

Announcing the release of our brand new Pelican Cloud Extension! Another highly optimised SkySpark connector for the Pelican OpenAPI / Climate Control API to efficiently synchronise SkySpark data points from your Pelican devices.

See StackHub to learn more.

afpelican Logo

21 Jul 2022
SkySpark Rule Development

We were happy to help a returning customer with their SkySpark data.

In a shared collaborative project with a New York energy company, we used our software development expertise and dedicated strategy to testing, to make it easy to deliver and deploy a suite of custom SkySpark Rules.

20 Jul 2022
Haystack Essentials v1.0

Fixed a typo on topic 2.4. Thanks very much to Manuel Schaub for pointing this out!

haystack course image

20 Jul 2022
Digital certificates

Fixed an issue when emailing certificate attachments. Thanks to Florin Hebean for reporting.

14 Jul 2022
SkySpark / Haxall Serial Comms update

Using our Fantom expertise, we worked on a collaborative project with a returning SkySpark OEM client to successfully update a suite of pods for their product.

Now their edge devices can benefit from the new Haxall Serial Comms extension.

Haxall logo

12 Jul 2022
Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC)

We are very happy to announce our new business affiliation with the ISTC!

Fantom Factory on ISTC website

ISTC logo

The ISTC is the largest UK body representing information development professionals. It promotes better scientific and technical communication by:

  • Encouraging professional development
  • Sharing best practices and standards
  • Providing research resources
  • Providing networking opportunities for its members and industry affiliates
  • Promoting technical communication as a profession
  • Continuing professional development (CPD)

Keep your fingers crossed as we enter this year's UK Technical Communication Awards.

12 Jul 2022
Proud to join the UK Green Building Council

We've joined the UK GBC as an Innovative Startup Member!

Fantom Factory on UKGBC website

Watch this space for more exciting innovative solutions we want to propose in the future.

ukgbc logo

08 Jul 2022
Home page update

We updated our Home page content to add the new promotional video about our storytelling approach.

Look for our Mars 2052 video!

05 Jul 2022
New video - MARS 2052

Watch our exciting video on the Fantom Factory YouTube channel and learn WHY we're considered such innovative and engaging storytellers!

mars 2052 video image

30 Jun 2022
Mongo 2.1.6

Initial socket connections are now subject to an exponential backoff on connection errors, making re-connections after a failover more robust.

Read the full release notes to learn more.

afMongo Logo

29 Jun 2022
HTTP Client Auth Plugin for CxAlloy

Created a new plugin extension for a returning client to use with our HTTP Client Extension in SkySpark.

It enables secure and seemless continued authentication with CxAlloy TQ REST API v1.0.

CX Alloy logo

27 Jun 2022
Software Services page update

We revised our Software Services page to help showcase how we can best help you.

25 Jun 2022
SkySpark Analyst v3.1

Fixed a typo in the American locale of the course - Thanks to Sushunova Kupke for the tip!

Access SkySpark Analyst eLearning

23 Jun 2022
Fantom Factory at UK SkySpark Community Event

Very excited to be invited to the Forest Rock event in Loughborough this year! It was great to showcase our SkySpark services to the UK community.

skyspark event

20 Jun 2022
Mongo 2.1.4

Updated with tweaks and fixes for running Mongo against clustered Atlas DB environments.

Read the full release notes here.

afMongo Logo

20 Jun 2022
Podbuilder 1.2.2

Added new section to documentation, "How to... use custom icons" - Thank you to Samuel Nelson for the idea.

podbuilder icons

08 Jun 2022
SkySpark Analyst v3.1

SkySpark Analyst is now bigger and better than ever thanks to the recent updates to bring this up to SkySpark version 3.1.4.

Our hosted SkySpark instance for students to use real training data is also using this latest version.

And even more news! This eLearning now has its own JOURNAL for long term access to training materials!

Analyst journal image

Access SkySpark Analyst eLearning

07 Jun 2022
Introducing Haystack v1.1

Updated this free course to unlock the final checkpoint quiz AFTER the final topic.

This makes it much easier to access all the details for further Project Haystack learning.

Just like Haystack Essentials for example!

Haystack Essentials thumb

07 Jun 2022
Mongo 2.1.0

Updated Mongo with some bugfixes and general "tweaks"!

Read the full release notes to learn more.

afMongo Logo

07 Jun 2022
Bson 2.0.4

Added workaround for non-UTF-8 characters in MongoDB err msgs. See issue SERVER-50454 for details.

Read the full release notes here on eggbox

afBson Logo

06 Jun 2022
Digital certificates

Don't you just hate it when you click on a link and it automatically downloads a file to your computer? Hands up if your Downloads folder is massively overloaded and horrible to search through!?

We appreciate that our students REALLY want to share their shiny new training certificates.

So, to make life easier, we've implemented an option to EMAIL certificates to any chosen address! (Now there is no need to go looking in those dark places!)

06 Jun 2022
Account activation page

Our new account activation page now helps to explain how our platform uses gamification and immersive story scenarios for enjoyable training and long term memory retention.

05 Jun 2022
SkySpark Viewbuilder v1.0

Updated our SkySpark Viewbuilder course with minor improvements to question wording. Thanks to everyone who sent in some feedback - every little helps!

SkySpark Viewbuilder eLearning

04 Jun 2022
Eggbox v0.2

Eggbox is now updated, released, and live and is now using the latest Fantom Factory Mongo drivers.

This replaces legacy Map Reduce algorithms with speedy Aggregation queries to make the whole repository website snappy and responsive.

Try it for yourself! Visit the Fantom Eggbox Pod Repository

02 Jun 2022
Data authentication web app for Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)

As a bespoke piece of web design work, we designed and created a web application that automatically authenticates requests from PG&E data to allow customers to share their data.

pg&e logo

29 May 2022
Mongo 2.1.0

Announcing an even bigger and better version of Mongo than ever before!

This new version adds multi-document transactions and re-tryable writes, making it feature complete with incredible functionality.

Read the full release notes here on eggbox

afMongo Logo