What we've been up to

09 Sep 2020
Emma Eynon
eLearning vs Online-Training
Do you know the difference?
31 Aug 2020
Emma Eynon
Need to learn SkySpark - fast?
New v2.0 release of our SkySpark Analyst digital eLearning
14 Aug 2020
Emma Eynon
Our exciting new eLearning news!
Sneak preview of what's coming soon!
07 Aug 2020
Steve Eynon
Are you in a PICKLE? Maybe this can help...
Pickle your Fantom objects
04 Aug 2020
Steve Eynon
Now available on StackHub - Pod Builder
The easy way to create SkySpark extensions
21 Jul 2020
Steve Eynon
Now you can create custom SkySpark extensions with ease
With our exciting new Pod Builder!
15 Jul 2020
Emma Eynon
How we strive to be open-source champions
Our contributions to the Fantom community
06 Jul 2020
Emma Eynon
Our very first eLearning results...are now in!
How our students are making a difference
27 Jun 2020
Emma Eynon
F4 - the best IDE for Fantom?
A closer look at the F4 IDE
22 Jun 2020
Emma Eynon
New release for our Axon Core students
An exciting new freebie!
19 Jun 2020
Emma Eynon
How does our training compare to SkySpark Essentials?
How we offer extra training benefits
17 Jun 2020
Emma Eynon
Why we've changed our product icons
Challenges with branding and design
11 Jun 2020
Emma Eynon
What's with the Mars theme?
Why our eLearning is on Mars
07 Jun 2020
Emma Eynon
What makes us Fantom experts?
Read about our Fantom achievements
04 Jun 2020
Emma Eynon
SkyFoundry announce our eLearning
Read about our SkySpark courses
20 May 2020
Emma Eynon
Make the most out of Axon Core
Extra features you need to know about
28 Apr 2020
Emma Eynon
We donate while you learn
Earn achievements with us and fight global climate change
06 Apr 2020
Emma Eynon
Axon Core is now available!
Learn Axon, in just a few hours
25 Mar 2020
Emma Eynon
Our efforts to help towards the COVID-19 crisis
Stay safe, work from home - and learn at home too
13 Mar 2020
Emma Eynon
Which learning type are you?
Are you a magpie, or a monkey?
15 Feb 2020
Emma Eynon
Our free Induction Training course!
Now you can try out our free training experience
14 Feb 2020
Emma Eynon
Our E-Learning is built in Fantom
What goes into creating an online Learning Management System?
13 Feb 2020
Emma Eynon
Careers advice from Fantom Factory?
Inspiring a new generation of Fantom programmers!
20 Jan 2020
Emma Eynon
Trying to save the world....
How we aspire to be greener
14 Jan 2020
Emma Eynon
So how did we make SkySpark Analyst?
A look at what it takes to create an elearning training course
03 Jan 2020
Emma Eynon
What makes good or bad training?
How we try to avoid common pitfalls in our training
01 Dec 2019
Emma Eynon
E-Learning Platform - initial launch!
Our exciting new E-Learning website is finally here!
06 Nov 2019
Emma Eynon
Fantom Factory sponsors SkyPosium USA 2019
The American SkySpark conference in Charlotte, North Carolina
16 Oct 2019
Emma Eynon
Fantom Factory sponsors SkyPosium EU 2019
The European SkySpark conference held in Rome, Italy
26 Sep 2019
Emma Eynon
Steve presents Haystack 4.0 in London
Find out what is changing in Project Haystack version 4.0
09 Sep 2019
Emma Eynon
Fantom Factory sponsors SwanseaCon 2019
A new and local software programming conference event
19 Aug 2019
Emma Eynon
Promoting local interest in using Fantom
How do you find Fantom programmers?
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