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STEM Futures

Published on 06 Jan 2023 by Emma Eynon

Introducing our new eLearning venture - STEM FUTURES!

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Our new range of eLearning courses will deliver taster sessions of digital skills and roles helping adults into new and exciting STEM careers and education.

Designed for complete beginners, our unique courses offer practical exercises like noone else - to give you a real experience in the world of DATA!

  • Is data analytics really as boring as it sounds?
  • Could I enjoy programming?
  • How might I find a job in the "metaverse"?

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As STEM UK and MARS Society ambassadors we are delighted to be able to inspire and help adults everywhere to see a whole new digital world of possibility.

(STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics!)

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Experience... data science!

Each of our courses takes a high level look at important data science disciplines which will be essential to all kinds of STEM careers and roles in the future!

Experience Data Analytics

Experience Programming

Experience Data Models

Experience Data Journeys

Experience Cyber

Experience Web Technology

Who are they for exactly?

Well... they're for YOU!

  • unsure what you CAN do?
  • unsure what's "out there"?
  • unsure what may be enjoyable?
  • unsure where a skill may lead?
  • unsure about the future?

Our eLearning courses will give you a real taster of each digital skill to show you what they're really like and if you want to know more.

image of stem choices

  • EDUCATORS - Retain more students in further education after they've had a better idea of what they're signing up for!
  • BUSINESSES - Use our primers as aptitude tests for new employees applying for a digital role in your company!
  • INDIVIDUALS - Find inspiration for a new digital career. Our fun and enjoyable courses will give you real industry insight to forge your new path!

When will they be available?

We're working hard on these courses RIGHT NOW so they should be with you in early 2023.

A whole new eLearning platform

Our award winning eLearning platform is all custom made - by us! But we want to take it even further!

image of laptop

Right now we're developing new features and eLearning functionality for our STEM Futures website ready for the new courses!

But... why Fantom Factory?

Well, we already offer next-generation eLearning for cutting edge technology in the "Smart Buildings" industry. We have helped businesses around the world to onboard new employees and integrate these new technologies - thanks to our humanised approach to digital training.

courses page screenshot

These technologies are all "data centric" which made us realise the future across most industries is also fast becoming digital at their core.

With a current global skills shortage, we feel we can lower the (huge) barrier to adopting a digital skill or career based on a lack of "humanised education" and overused technical jargon and terminology.

With our unique digital platform we aim to expand our eLearning approach and help adults everywhere to get into the world of data and... the future!

Sci-fi meets real world

In fact, the world of science fiction is fast becoming our world of "science fact" as more organisations are working collaboratively on space exploration and even Mars colonisation missions.!

All of this revolves around computerised digital systems, across all STEM and data science disciplines.

How Fantom Factory uses Mars based scenarios in eLearning

STEM and data science are becoming more intrinsically linked than ever - so NOW is the perfect time to get involved!

Choose your STEM Future!

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