Protect your SkySpark rules with Axon Encryptor

Published on 05 Dec 2022 by Emma Eynon

Protect your SkySpark rules with Axon Encryptor

Axon Encryptor v2.0.6 - Now with full Axon component support!

What are SkySpark rules?

SkySpark is a powerful data analytics platform which centralises all of your collected building data. It has in-built applications to present this information, using various charting tools and menu options.

To gain intelligence from this data, in order to make decisions from it, we need to view key information from all of the collected sensor readings and equipment states. Perhaps just the total runtimes of equipment, or the total cost of HVAC operations over various periods of time?

Lights on and unoccupied

As a more specific example, we might also want to know when the lights have been left on in an unoccupied space.

For this, we can use the power of SkySpark computing, by creating a programming function which will identify this exact data for us. This is done in Axon, and stored as a Rule in SkySpark. (Similar to filtering EMAILS with rules!)

In SkySpark, the results would be presented like this:

Front end spark rule image

Behind the scenes, in the Code application, the Axon code to generate this rule data actually looks like this:

Back end spark rule code screenshot

(And this is a fairly small and simple example!)

Why would I protect them?

How organisations need to view and use DATA is completely unique. So any required SkySpark Rules are also unique.

Some developers find it easier to use an existing rule as a template and amend it for their own purposes. This can result in poorly written rules if a developer has reused sections of code which aren't completely understood or relevant.

The best way to create rules is to have a knowledgeable Axon Programmer to write them specifically for your own organisation. Recently, however, there has been a significant lack of qualified personnel to do this.

Many SkySpark providers also offer support development services including "Rule Writing" for clients who have no in-house expertise. The problem they face is at the point of sharing these rules with their clients.

Once rules are provided into a SkySpark instance, you could arguably look at the Code app to view, copy and paste them in plain text!

It would then be in the best interest of SkySpark service providers to be able to hide or obfuscate this code - even while it is working inside a client's SkySpark instance.

Axon Encryptor

This is exactly why we developed Axon Encryptor! We've made it really easy to encrypt your Axon code for sharing with client installations which can then use it in this encrypted state - protecting your intellectual property.

Axon components

Recently SkySpark developed Axon Components to handle the new type of current Rules (alongside some other functionality).

Axon Encryptor now fully supports these - helping you to protect ALL of your SkySpark rules!

>> Visit Axon Encryptor on the StackHub website <<

More help from Fantom Factory

Our amazing Pod Builder software integrates with Axon Encryptor to make it EVEN EASIER to wrap up your (encrypted) SkySpark rules and views into pod files for simple distribution.

We also have a range of SkySpark eLearning courses to help anyone new to learn how to use SkySpark. Our 5 star course - Axon Programmer teaches you the core syntax of working with Axon as a developer who is new to SkySpark and rule writing.

-> Discover our range of eLearning courses

Talk with us anytime if you have any questions or would like to find out more.

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