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We've upgraded our SkySpark Analyst eLearning course

Published on 08 Jun 2022 by Emma Eynon

We've upgraded our SkySpark Analyst eLearning course

SkySpark Analyst is now updated for the very latest SkySpark version - 3.1.4.

We also host this latest SkySpark version in a browser with the training data for the course. It makes our eLearning a fantastic option for anyone looking to try SkySpark out - before buying into the platform.

During the training, you'll use this hosted project to find real data for our exercises.

SkySpark Analyst eLearning course

New eLearning journal

For the very first time, SkySpark Analyst now comes with a JOURNAL! After all, we want to help you remember all of the good bits from your training.

This will automatically unlock once you reach the final assessment module. For anyone who has already completed SkySpark Analyst, just contact us for a free access code to use.

SkySpark Analyst training

If you haven't taken our SkySpark Analyst course yet, let me tell you more about it. This is our recommended training for anyone new to SkySpark and absolutely essential for anyone onboarding into a new SkySpark role.

Course outline

Module 1

Introduction to SkySpark data containers and technology stack

Module 2

Understand the importance of gathering intelligent data.

Module 3

How to navigate SkySpark applications and use Rule data.

Module 4

Find site and equipment data in the Historian app.

Module 5

Use the KPI app to produce high level summaries and reports.

Module 6

Identify costs and maintenance issues in the Spark app.

Module 7

Review energy use and costs with the Energy app.

Module 8

Course revision and assessment


  • 8 Modules
  • 34 Topics
  • 120 Interactive questions
  • 9 Demonstration videos
  • 9 Achievements
  • 2 Certificates
  • 15 CPD hours/ units
  • And now a reference Journal!

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