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SkySpark Viewbuilder - New eLearning release!

Published on 11 Feb 2022 by Emma Eynon

SkySpark Viewbuilder - New eLearning release!
  • Ever wanted to make a Dashboard View in SkySpark?
  • Ever wondered how to display Cards?
  • Ever needed an Action button that does something?

Then our SkySpark Viewbuilder eLearning course is here to help!

Course contents

We use practical walkthroughs of different view types and use cases, using a mixture of images, videos, and interactive exercises.

Learn how to build:


...and lots more besides, with plenty of picker menu and action button goodness!


But, I'm not a programmer!

That doesn't matter.

We make it easy for ANYONE to create views, apply configuration, and really understand what options are available - from start to finish.

Digital tooling

Our unique digital tooling provides you with our training data and ready-made Axon code, to build and customise all the same views as demonstrated in the training!

arcadia toolkit


Prove that you really know your SkySpark views by earning a Fantom Factory CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE.

Our certification is awarded for successfully demonstrating the key learning points from the training.

Completing SkySpark Viewbuilder qualifies each student for 20 CE Units / 20 CPD hours accreditation - which is great for your own professional development path or certification!

CPD accreditation badge PTE accreditation badge

New to SkySpark?

We offer the full suite of SkySpark training courses designed to help onboard new starters into the world of SkySpark - as quickly and as easily as possible.

Even better - they'll even enjoy the learning experience with our consolidation techniques, achievements, and story universe.

Want a sneak peak?

Talk with us to arrange a live demo or request a trial access code.

You can purchase >> SKYSPARK VIEWBUILDER << from our online shop or from one of our eLearning resellers.

We hope to see you soon!

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