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SkySpark Installation Guide

Published on 03 Mar 2021 by Emma Eynon

SkySpark Installation Guide

Walkthrough Steps - Install SkySpark

  1. Install Java tick
  2. Obtain SkySpark installation.

    Download the version of SkySpark that you wish to install, which will present as a .zip file.

  3. Install SkySpark files.

    Extract all of the files to create a skyspark folder in your chosen drive location.


Linux and MacOS

  • SkySpark scripts need to be marked as executable

SkySpark Downloads

To download the latest SkySpark .zip file, you will need an account on the SkyFoundry website to access their file downloads.

A typical SkySpark installation .zip file is between 25-30MB.

Contact your SkySpark reseller or distributor for an account on the SkyFoundry website.

Extracting Zip Files

Once you have SkySpark, it may be unzipped and run from any (sensible) directory on the host computer. Your user home directory or the root C directory are common choices.

There are a variety of programs available which handle .zip files, so your program will dictate how you choose to do this. Using the functionality provided in Windows, we can simply right mouse click on the zip folder to select Extract All and then choose our directory destination.

See our accompanying video for help!

Where is the best directory folder to run SkySpark from?

If you are installing SkySpark on your own computer or device, then it's entirely up to you which directory to use. Bear in mind that your device user account will need administrator access permissions to the location you choose!

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