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Did you know about our free Axon Journal?

Published on 20 Nov 2020 by Emma Eynon

Did you know about our free Axon Journal?

How many times have you been frustrated trying to remember Axon? The syntax for that elusive data type literal, or the name of that lesser used function? Can you instantly remember how to parse a dateTime, commit to Folio, or use a spaceship operator?

In the eLearning course, Axon Core, we teach you what all of these mean, and how to use them effectively in almost 200 interactive questions. But, after you complete the course, how are you supposed to remember everything? Well, you can always look up the documentation on the SkyFoundry website, it is the source of truth after all!

At Fantom Factory, we feel that we owe it to our Axon Core students to give you that little extra help! That's where Axon Journal comes in! This free mini reference course gives you summary learning points from the training. It has lots of key examples to demonstrate how to use the Axon you've taken all that time to learn and understand!

Axon Journal List

This becomes unlocked in your account once you reach the final assessment stage of the Axon Core eLearning course. And what's more, it never expires! it will always be available in your Fantom Factory dashboard, long after your training course is complete.

Axon Journal Button

...and even better news!

We have just updated Axon Journal with lots of exciting new information and examples to use. In fact, Steve reckons he's practically rewritten it! If you haven't seen your new Axon Journal, why not log into your eLearning account and take a look!?

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