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What's with the Mars theme?

Published on 11 Jun 2020 by Emma Eynon

What's with the Mars theme?

Our Alpha Colony eLearning scenario on Mars, is actually the result of much thought and planning. Our goal is not only to make technology more easily understood, but to make the learning process enjoyable too. Fun and engaging learning techniques really do help with motivation and memory retention. With the Alpha Colony, we can use scenarios and storylines to capture interest and provide a common learning ground, regardless of the individual backgrounds and experience levels of our students.

But, why Mars?

We thought about the requirements for our learning platform, and we realised we wanted to create a whole "world" with characters and locations. It needed to be relevant to the SkySpark community in some way, and to enable us to synthesise data and scenarios that were easily understood by anyone. (Not everyone understands the dramas involved with heating and air conditioning equipment!)

A mind mapping session really highlighted to us that ultimately, we all need to do more to reduce our energy and resource use - or we'll eventually have to leave the planet! With all of the recent efforts towards the SpaceX missions and Mars colonisation, our minds were made up! We were going to Mars!


So much effort has gone into thinking about our Martian colony, the graphics, the characters, and even the SkySpark scenarios, but this is just the beginning. With our future releases, and from popular requests, we plan to embellish more storylines and scenarios into our learning.

Of course, this isn't everyone's "cup of tea". So, we also offer a classic display theme for those learners who would prefer a much plainer display option.

By presenting our serious eLearning content in a fun environment, we hope that everyone will enjoy the experience of learning with Fantom Factory!

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