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Make the most out of Axon Core

Published on 20 May 2020 by Emma Eynon

Make the most out of Axon Core

We review all feedback about our courses to see where we can make improvements. This has resulted in a minor update to Axon Core which we feel really improves the learning experience for everyone. To send feedback on a course, just send us an email. Our training platform is always evolving and you will see lots of new features appear over time - such as a feedback facility within a course.

So, what have we changed recently? Well, based on your feedback so far, these are our recent updates!

  1. We are now a little more lenient on our string escaping questions, allowing those extra spaces that can be so easy to miss!
  2. Our final assessment questions now allow 3 answer attempts - to help you to see where an incorrect answer is failing against our tests.
  3. A new Show model answer button is available after you submit a correct answer to an exercise or question. This displays our code example of answering that question - in an explicit manner for the best understanding. (This does not necessarily mean shorter or more succinct!)

There are already lots of features that we have provided in Axon Core to help optimise your learning. Make sure you use them all!

  • Reference links and definitions for all taught Axon functions are highlighted in our documentation callouts.
  • Handy summaries for key learning points are provided "in a nutshell" on a each page.
  • We use different terminology and even some different jokes for our different locale options!
  • Our checkpoints can be taken unlimited times, to reinforce key learning from each module.
  • You can skip checkpoint questions if you prefer to come back to them later!
  • Hint buttons on exercises guide you through finding the correct answer.
  • Our course progress bar also displays the percentage of mandatory content left to reach the final assessment.
  • If you get an answer wrong, we will let you know which course section to revise.
  • Enter your code directly into our Axon question console using either single line expressions or multi-line functions.
  • Experiment with your Axon answer code by using the practice mode in the exercises and questions.
  • Use the handy shortcut CTRL+SPACE to submit a multi-line answer if you experiment A LOT!
  • Use the practice mode to read the data we may have passed into a question, to see tag names and values.
  • Our final revision exercises combine learning from all modules, and test your knowledge from the whole syllabus.

Everything is designed for optimal learning, to prepare you to better understand how to apply your new Axon knowledge to the world of SkySpark!

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