eLearning for SkySpark and Axon

We are often asked for training and development, and so we launched our eLearning platform to reach even more of you out there needing urgent help.

Our digital eLearning courses are truly unique, and provide on-demand training for Project Haystack technologies.

We aim to combine the highest quality training techniques with the most convenient and accessible training delivery - on the planet.

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Our eLearning site is set on Mars, but don't worry! You can reach the Alpha Colony using the power of the internet.

Create an account on our eLearning website and try our free tutorial.

Why you should learn with us

We at Fantom Factory believe that true eLearning should be self-contained, interactive, and fully accessible from anywhere - at all times!

Using our bespoke digital eLearning platform, you'll experience truly interactive and engaging training, with no need to install SkySpark software or licences. Our convenient eLearning can save you much time, expense, and hassle!

Our eLearning benefits

Innovative eLearning technology

We built a complete LMS in Fantom so that we could offer ALL of these awesome features:

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