eLearning for SkySpark and Axon

As Fantom specialists, we work with many SkySpark customers at all levels of experience. We are often asked to help with training and development, and so we launched our eLearning platform to help even more people - online!

We provide eLearning courses to new and less experienced SkySpark users, to better understand various technologies, from the very beginning! Our initial courses give supplementary knowledge and deeper understanding for new users before they prepare to embark on SkyFoundry SkySpark Essentials training.

Why you should learn with us

We at Fantom Factory believe that true eLearning should be self-contained, interactive, and fully accessible at all times – from anywhere!

That's why have produced our very own Learning Management System to deliver high quality training over the internet. Our training courses contain engaging multimedia content and interactive exercises to work through – at your own pace and at any time that you choose!

Everything you need is provided within our cutting-edge technology platform - giving you freedom to learn from your desk or on the move!

Induction training

Try our free eLearning course to give you an experience that is out of this world!

Create an account on our eLearning website to get started.

Our eLearning benefits

Innovative eLearning technology

We built a complete LMS in Fantom so that we could offer ALL of these awesome features – that no-one else can!

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