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Our Values

We don’t cut corners

We look after your best interest

Keep it simple!

Our business cares about the planet

We bring value

We’re approachable and friendly

Our business runs on green energy, and we will make every effort to keep our business choices as eco-friendly as possible! 

How you can help too!

Green energy

Choose a renewable energy supplier to power your business.

Web hosting

Choose a cloud hosting provider that is powered by greener resources.

Eco Venues

Choose an eco friendly location for your meetings

Sustainable printing

Use sustainable options for printing merchandise or marketing goodies.

Our News!

Haystack in London

Haystack in London

Steve gave a talk at the Project Haystack event in the British Library in London back in September this year.  He explained about the new changes being introduced in Haystack v4.0 and what this means for data modelling.

SkyPosium EU 2019

SkyPosium EU 2019

Fantom Factory is proud to sponsor the SkyPosium 2019 event in Rome, Italy. We hope to see you there!

SkyPosium USA 2019

SkyPosium USA 2019

Fantom Factory is proud to sponsor the SkyPosium event in the USA, in November 2019.  We will be in Charlotte, North Carolina so drop by and say hi!