Bespoke online training courses,  designed for everyone.

Professional Training

We have created a skills matrix of key learning points for each of our courses to ensure that our training content and our assessments are accurate and relevant. 

You can be confident in the skills awarded by our certification.

We use a variety of interactive and innovative training methods to engage all learning audiences.  We want to engage you with immersive story-lines, multimedia information formats and hosted software tools, such as SkySpark for practical exercises.

Our mission to Mars.

“The year is 2052, and you have arrived at the Alpha Colony on Mars.  You are to learn new technologies and skills to earn your new place in the colony.

With powerful visuals and gamification, our online training courses encourage learning by awarding achievements and points.  We structure our content with practical consolidation exercises and multimedia to engage people of all learning types.

Ensure advanced technology is accessible and understood by those who aspire to save our planet

We’ll plant trees while you learn!

For every 10 points that you earn on any training course, we will donate a tree to our official partner, Tree Aid.

To encourage our learners to complete more of our training, we will make up to 10% of your course value available as achievement points.  You choose how much we pledge towards saving Planet Earth!  

“The Great Green Wall aims to grow an 8,000km new world wonder across the entire width of Africa, to transform the lives of millions living on the frontline of climate change.”

Fantom Factory E-Learning Benefits


Save time and money on travelling and accommodation expenses.


Save your progress as you learn at your own pace and schedule.


Our technology is powered by green energy!